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Sequential Art is my passion
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I think that last panel is you waking up and seeing that something was wrong, so to speak. It is a fantastic panel...try to remember, the further out in a comic you space your 'oohs and aaahs' the more IMPACT those moments will have...:)
Your friend,
"But I'll show her," she thinks...she showed us all! Give her underpants!
nice work
nice, simple work, good storytelling, bravo
Fun stuff
Hey, nice pin up! thank you for your comment on my Monkeybags comic as well!
the first two pages were nice, the fire was really well done...some of the bodies and postures of the characters are a bit unnatural...keep at it, the third panel has a lot going for it
I have no Idea how to pronounce "Khawn" :p I like this page, good start...the first panel is the strongest, it looks really great
nice action and storytelling
I guess Jackie could always just start calling himself John =p
ninja...serial killers...hehehe
I'm the only person to read the first page of your comic by the way...I don't want a cookie, just an observation...
"I'm wearing a look of utter disgust." GREAT line, hah!
great facial expressions too
very nice, the grey tones are great...the only thing i would recommend is hand-lettering, but that's just my own taste...
Amazing! Your art just POPS off the page (or screen, rather) Your comic is the first I'm watching!
Thank you very much, Auggie! I appreciate you checking it out :)
21 pages to go...