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bawwwwwww the cutie~ -grabby hands- I love those little guys. ^w^

good lord though, your paint skills are just fantastic, especially the backgrounds. I also adore how you are weaving the worlds together. I'm excited to see how it all pans out.
kekekeke, yes Micty corporeal. I love his emotions and how naive he is toward Metz. It's really sweet. It's like he didn't even think of doing that sort of stuff. Q_____Q Such a squish for a big man. xD Looking forward to seeing Metz' reaction to all this attention.
Didn't want Jack to be left out lol. Is this comic mpreg? I doubt it. I just couldn't help it. xD
So Yeah, I am Pregnant
I am sorry for not posting updates everyone, I've been super sick and then I went to the doctor thinking I had mono or something only to find out that I am pregnant. So yeah, because of this my updates may be a little slower than I'd like, but I will do my best to finish this story for you all. <3
October 23rd, 2013
poor baby
Q_Q Ufff your pages are so well colored and lined. Holy crap. I sound like a repetitive robot lol.

Life happens, take your time, dear. ^^ Looking forward to seeing more. <3
Yay update~ Baaaaw so cute! The expressions are so good ^_^ LOL such a clutz
@koyomu: Glad that you approve 8DD And I do understand the feeling. I have no problems with anthro stuff and all and can happily get behind Jack and Aster even as they are. However, I personally am not really that great at drawing anthros yet. I'd rather dabble in it and find a middle ground so that everything doesn't look like poop. ^^;
Thanks a ton everyone for all the follows so far. Way more than I expected for this. xD Have a preview of out little Bunny in his human shape.
Buhahaha so funny. "We've established that, yep." xDD Love him
October 11th, 2013
-flail- Gaaaaa your style is so friggin pretty. I adore the textures that you have used. And omg meanie lady~ T_T I'd run the heck away too.
@Sammy7XD: No bleach required xD
I kinda like his pink hair =>
hope bunny knows what he's just done xD
@rhf123: ^_______^ You are welcome~ Hope I can do it justice. <3 New page coming later tonight.
The fun begins xD
Oh ho, wonder what present Aster left for Frost...
October 1st, 2013
Those eeeeeyes~ gaaaw love your style so much <3
Baaaw Scott is such a squish. And Devoto looks so wonderful in that bottom panel. Almost vulnerable, which is strange for him. <3 these guys

HAH! First! That never happens. xD
WTF I Don't Even...
Yyyyeeeaaaah....>> Here it is....yep, in all it's nonsensical glory. Why I like this pairing is beyond me since I am not usually one for anthro/human pairs. Anthro/anthro, sure why not. Human/Human, definately. Ears and tails? Hawt. But full blown 6' something tall Pookas with sexy Aussie accents and attitude problems apparently breech that comfort zone entirely. I mean come oooon, it really doesn't matter how furry he is, Hugh Jackman is Hugh Jackman.

Anyway, this will not be one of those insta-sex stories. -watches mutely as 3/4s of the readers leave- Will it happen? I honestly don't know. This will focus mostly on their budding relationship and rivalry/bickering. Also on me putting them in some of the most awkward situations I can come up with. There is a plot somewhere in here, its busy being a ninja right now xD. WARNING: THERE WILL BE SAP/FLUFF/ANGST/VIOLENCE in this comic for sure. Among other things. I really don't know what to expect with this because these boys do weird things to my brain. lol Enjoy.
your work is so breath taking~! Your colors -foams at the mouth-
Her and Hiccup seem to love running after potential dangers ;p Love your work so far! Can't wait to read more. <3