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I'm glad to see this updating a tad more frequently. that pichu is adorable and my good your art has improved dramatically. this page is beautiful.
Trainer Atticus used lit cigarette and lighter combo. It's super effective!
Is it wrong that this has been possibly my fave chapter?
Mad respect to Atty in this for having a positive mentality. He's taking a page from Ash's playbook, as long as you believe you can achieve it!
This page makes me sad, cause all I notice is the look on Dragonthing's face and he looks so tired and hopeless. He knows he doesn't stand a chance and it depresses me.
I love this guy already. He reduced Atty to mere confused noises and the most adorable feared facial expressions, and he referenced the greatest meme on the internet.
I love how the buildings and light were all red then they were all blue. Wooo!