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I'm back, and as you can see, I have a friend helping me out with the comic. Anyway, back to the torture of Sonic and Shadow!
Sorry for the month of no updates, just had so much tests and homework.
Sorry for the week of no updates, wasn't feeling good.
On another note, tomorrow is my birthday, woot.
Steel bar sprited by Nick Cypher
Always a good idea to plan ahead of those two.
Explosion sprite ripped/made by Viiper
planet from
Didn't saw that coming. Also, wonder if anyone can spot where the gang are.
top two panel's background ripped by Shadowbot, the other one made by Elouai, with the structure from my pal Nick Cypher.
My name simply sends a lot of messages to folk.
Yeah, too many loose ends and problems to keep this running, so here's the link
So that's where the lid went
Wonder how long he'll keep on screaming
Sorry for the week of no updates, my right eye went bad then I had to prepare for my university classes, which started today.
Sometimes the classic move is the best thing to do.
Anyone wants to guess Shadow's fate?
Hey, I'm suppose to be the one giving off stupid self gratifying speeches.
As Fusion Kirby guessed it, it's Metal Sally!
Also, doubling the size of my comics to make view easier, please let me know if it's a good idea or a bad idea please.
Metal Sally Sprites made by Nick Cypher
Well, what do we have here? Anyone care to guess?
That certainly stands out.
Egg Capsule sprite ripped by Daniel Sydney
I wonder if Sonic has some airbags due to all the falls he suffered yet survived so far.
Sorry for unannounced hiatus, got new laptop and then school slam, but the classes are over, so I'll try to get some update schedule up.
Makes me wonder where all the power rings in the games comes from.
Surprising people is so much fun.