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short brown hair green eyes love sugar .... im a tomboy not a girly girl ...
It almsot seems obvious it would be her father, but maybe there'll be a twist and it will be some other persian... but then again why make it soudn so mysterious if it wouldn't be her father?
lol, i love her expression in the last panel.
I love this pairing, They fit so perfectly together ^.^ Loooove you comic.
I think the third panel is the best one on this page.
I soo saw that comming, Rp site rules. It's a lot of fun ^.-
*gasp* Bad Umbreon BAD! * swats umbreon with a newspaper* er... that was a bad idea huh? *Umbreon growls* EKK! *Runs screaming for life*
My cousin knows how to duplicate Master balls, in his pokemon games... but hes like 16 or something and wont tell me how =( not that i like cheating or anything I just reeeaaalllly like master balls. Especially when theres a pokemon i REALLY want. Except teh stupid fact you only get 1 in a game.
I have 3 evees on pokemon leafgreen version ^^ mostly cuz I start over on my firered version and get a lot of evees. I'm obsessed with my evees' ^^ One's almsot lvl 94, my flareon.
how do you evolve your evee into a umbreon? I loooove umbreons but the only game i have one in is Pokemon Colusium but I don't have the cable thing to trade with my gameboy and the Gamecube =(
The eeve is soooo cute! Nothing bad happens to it right? Please say nothing bad happens to the poor cute defenseless eeve child! I love eeve's they're adorable ^.^
wow ghost u have a lot of fans ^.-
I didn't notice that the sunflora had different colored leaves until u mentioned it... I haven't seen a sunflora in teh cartoons or Pokemo Collesum in like, A loooong time.... Does kinda seem odd looking now that I know it's not their normal color...
I am pretty much plain, I mean almost everywebsite i go to theres already a kittylover, Except on wow and on SJ... I just seemed to get lucky enough that the name was available... Otherwise I use warrior cat names like: Sandstorm or Shadowfire... or even sometimes Kitty! or Firestream adn Shadowclaw... Hmm.. I do use a lot of names on sites.... Odd... Well W/e, Update!!! This co mic is so cute and great I just cant wait to see what happens next! And for once it's a pokemon comic with a pretty decent plot.
rofl... this page is soooooooooo, ect. cute!!!!!!!!! I love romantic scenes like this, then agian... i love a lot of dramatic old school joke, romantic things... I'M Soo... plain *sob*
how do u not like Naruto Ghost! The show is awesome!!.. gettin to a really sad climax tho, in the show...
my fav. pokemon is Suicune.. or is it Absol? I love em both.. Along with poochyena and many many others... At first i thoguht teh sneasel was another meowth. But apparently i was wrong..... School starts tomorrow for me yay! Also, Glad your back Ghost!!!
Its such an overused joke you can see it coming, but then agian if you decide to havce a cahr. say it it's just so obvious to make it get owrse or else it doesn't really put any muse in the comic.
but if she goes back to the evil brother she'll die wont she?
The link works for me so it should work for anyone else.