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August 18th, 2011
Will we ever discover what Tommy did to deserve his end?
I'm really interested in the characters! And I read this comic mostly for the plot (while I like the sex, it's obviously only 2% of the comic). I wanna know how that war is going, how they defeat the soul eater thing, if Dake and Tommy ever realize they are totally in love. If I could give you a little encouragement, I commend you on your excellent pacing! I've read soooo many webcomics that just drag on and never get to the point. But Paradox is interesting enough that I never feel ripped off when I check the newest update. So, kudos for that.

But what I really wanted to say is... I think Dake and I have the same bedding! Lol
Pokemans can never die... They only faint. No matter what horrible fate may befall them.
That syringe BETTER be filled with sexy juice!!

... Or an aphrodisiac ;3
Wahhh! Is that Christmas book still available?
So, if their relationship didn't progress, did Tommy just end up getting blue balled like last time?
Like ZOINKS, gang! Librarian Tommy is teh sex!
Gasp! He loves his son! Squeeee! The plot thickens...
They made Horus angry... You won't like him when he's angry...
I'd like to see a collage of comparisons between how everyone looked before and how they look now. I know everyone's changed a lot, but I'd like to see it side by side.
Am I the only one who noticed how sexual Zoshi inserting his knife back into the sheath is? I mean... Dang!!
Hey, if you ever need any help writing stuff, I'd be happy to assist you. If you have some idea where the story's going I'd be more than happy to help. I love to write, but haven't been very inspired lately. And I have gobs of free time.

Also, I draw too if you ever want some illustrations to go with the story.

I'm just eager to help since so far this story's been great!
I was so excited by the prospect of some action, I forgot there was another plot going on.
To be honest.. I hated Desta. I never really believed in any kind of relationship he and David had/or could have had. It didn't seem natural.. And Desta was kinda lame. lol
But this new guy kicks ass!!