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Illustrator. Filth wizard.
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OOoh, those pages came out biiiig... I'm on a new machine, new software and new pretty much everything [technically even a new chapter] so I've lost all my settings and had to convert everything and feel my way through posting these. The next chapter will be much more consistent :)

Patreon is back up in case you want some behind the scenes goodness. Like everyone, the longer things go, the more my illustration develops, so things may be looking a bit different.

Either way, Love Deli liiiiiiiiives!

Hope you enjoy the naughty xxx o3o
Yikes. Every time I try and get this back up I drop the ball. Well here's the remainder of the filth from forever ago to make up for it n_n; I'm so sorry! I'm actually already into the next chapter and realised I'd never finished posting this naughty extra! Next few pages landing almost immediately... O_O #uploading
Naughty Freebies
First page of a short wee extra that a) was a Patreon reward but now isn't (as I shut my Patreon for a while) and b) is some Sora back-story :3 <3
@doireallyhave2: That's so kind of you to say! There will be more posts. I've closed my Patreon for the time being as I don't have time to keep it up to date. But I am working on the next chapter and hope to have it out soon <3
Reward Time!
EDIT 30/10/17: Since posting this I have taken down my Patreon account for a bit as I couldn't commit to the comic schedule. So... hey! Freebies for you guys :) I'll be uploading extras here that were once Patreon rewards and we'll see how it goes :)


Hurrayyyy! Chapter 1 is over and now rewards are available on Patreon! There are two tiers of reward: $1 and $3 with treats as detailed above... but also here:
Enzo & Cake Wallpaper
Lita & Maria Wallpaper
Chapter 1 Character Profile: Enzo D'Rossa
$3: Chapter 1 Hi-Res PDF Download Pack ~ including:
*Love Delicatessen Chapter 1 (15 pages)
*Chapter 1 Character Profile: Enzo D'Rossa
*Chapter 1 XXXTra Mini Comic: Sora X Travis (Cover + 4 pages NSFW)
*Colour Image: Sora X Travis (NSFW)
*Colour Image: Enzo ~ Cream Injection
*Colour Image: Bed Times
Enzo & Cake Wallpaper
Lita & Maria Wallpaper (NSFW)

So if you're enjoying the comic so far, feel free to show your support and get some goodies in return. Alternatively, a wee follow on Patreon would also be most appreciated and you'll get notified about updates, see some behind the scenes stuff and get exclusive news and discounts <3
Chapter End... Treats Incoming!
Wahoo! It's the end of the reboot of the first chapter! *so happies* So what happens now?

Well, some full colour treats are on the way and if you're a lovely Patreon supporter, you'll soon be able to access your first Chapter Download Pack... but it doesn't stop there. This first pack will include a whole NSFW mini comic and extra illustrations... all for just $3! I'll be posting previews here in due course n_n <3 *excited*
Intro Almost Done!
Eeek! Almost at the end of the introduction chapter! Love interests and plot devices abound in the next chapter XD

Also, just a note – not only am I on Patreon but also back on DeviantArt. Come say hi if you're on any time :)
The next two pages/uploads are the only ones I haven't really changed from the first chapter, but they have been redrawn n_n This page condenses two that I just found fantastically frustrating the first time round and... well. It can be said in one page, so why drag it out, right?

I condider this regular (so far!) uploading to be a personal triumph, just so you know! It's early days, I know, but if you are interested in supporting this comic, Patreon peeps get access a full 24 hours before anyone else, plus other goodies, so ping the Patreon button or pop by to to check things out or just add me to your follow list :)
Might be slightly in love with the top right panel. That is all <3 XD
Gosh, I can't believe I actually made an update a week after my last one... and hey! There's ANOTHER one scheduled for tomorrow... though if you can't wait, supporting me on the lowest tier of Patreon will make sure you get your eyeballs fed a whole 24 hours before anyone else..! Enzo's managed to get a lot of action in this short chapter so far... don't worry, more boys soon ;)

If you're an old fan, I hope you are enjoying the new artwork and tighter edit :) Happy to take on feedback too, so feel free to leave posts like the old days! I am struggling a bit with moire on Manga Studio, but when I figure it out I'll replace these pages with lovely smooth looking ones.
I'm back!!
[Also posted in NEWS]
Oh my GOD. I know. And I'm sorry. Life seriously got in the way. And now the first pages I did back in September have been replaced by black and white ones... there is a reason why. It's long and complicated, but in short, all my original work on LD is gone and I'm still trying to retrieve it, so I cracked on in the meantime with the tools I have because it's gotta get done :) But I'm proper down to basics and my machine has become very unreliable, so... I'll be writing a full-on blog post on what happened in the very near future, plus linking this comic up with Patreon and posting all sorts of goodies on a more regular basis... So welcome to the 2017 reboot :) I hope you guys enjoy it and hang in there while I rework the first few chapters... it'll be worth it, I promise :)
Hello :)
So flattered that people are still adding this to their faves even though I've moved it over from its original URL! <3<3<3

The Rebooted version of Love Delicatessen can be found at and will be updated weekly. I hope you enjoy it!
So wonderous :) Congratulations, and it really is a great ending to what has been a truly superb comic. I'm going to miss them all :')
BRILLO PADS! Now I must save up for it.
Beauteous. Such a lovely page to finish their story on.
Hello :) Especially to new fans! I just uploaded this onto but as the boys are in their Singapore uniforms I thought I'd post it here too :) Incidentally, I've continued writing Singapore, so the cast will be returning one day with new adventures.. xx
Hurray! And a lovely cover too :)
Ahhhh! I missed youuu! And super cutie Janey and Ruthie. They're such a good girl-team :)
Glorious sister wisdom XD

I love how clueless Jase looks XD