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A fox with the personality and habits of a stray cat.

random facts:
1. I like random hugs
2. I support bookmarks
3. I own a pair of sharp teeth ans 2 pairs of sharp claws... don't get me mad.
this happens...

@raluca-z thank you! ^^ I'll be sticking with this one then. :D
the font
I changed the font to a manga-like one. Please let me know if you liked the older one better!

Even if you're not a fan, please still tell me which is best! Thank you! ^^
uuuu... nice attire :))
wow, I like where this is going! :3

say, could u enable bookmarks? I'm watching a lot of comics and my number memory is not that good... XD
Enable... BOOKMARKS!

pweaty pwease? *puppy eyes*
I was wondering about this... thought I accidentally defaved it XD

*feels good to know there's more procrastinators out there XD*
I'll start uploading more now... I have a lot finished on paper by now... I'm just a lazy bum not to scan and text them by now... sorry. X'D

Hope you enjoy though! *opens cookie jar*
6 hrs of working on it... hope u guys like it! ^^

Oh! And the layout was fixed somehow by Bratchan! Yay!

Anyone knows how can I make the next/prev go the right way? (right to left, ya know... *whistles*)
I agree! This would have been too soon to end!

(even though I really really want to see the Simba one start already! XD)
Enable them please! *puppy eyes*

Luv the story! and the dark drawing style! :3 (though at times they seem a bit clustered.... only a bit XD).

Keep up the good work! (and enable bookmarks please!)
Hai guys!
Sorry for the inactivity. >.<
*huffs and puffs*
testing random stuff... please bear with me a day/two/a week XD
Legal or not, here it comes... XD

*enjoys the tension*
I just love the bro's face in the end... XD
October 20th, 2010
waaa... wish I could get to see such moves and such angles in rl matches too! *squeals*
Ah, you're just saying that... :P
October 12th, 2010
why isn't faving available? D<
October 11th, 2010
The yeti is made of win!!! OTL!

*whispers* could you please enable bookmarks? *puppy eyes*