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If he offers you roses, run!
Pfffff, George doing the little pokecenter tune. Adorable!
Oh my, isn't link just the cutest thing!
Well, if Gannon was a spy, he'd probably know everything he needed and more by now.
Ok, just have to say this, but I think out of all the web comics I read, the art in yours is my favorite. There is just something about it I really love.

Also, I only saw this because my room mate is currently playing wind waker, but this stern man reminds me of Quill from that game. Was that intentional? Because thats pretty cool!
Oh dear oh dear, Looks like he will still be cannon fodder. Just in a slightly different way.

Also, I must say that I am rather fond of your hand drawn text and borders. I think it just goes with the style of the comic well.
February 14th, 2011
I am so confused! But it's a good kind of confused! The kind that makes me want to see more~

Oh, and sorry if I already missed this explanation, but if it's the 1860's, where did that toilet come from?

Anyways, awesome work! Loving it! And happy V-day!
Oh noes
This makes me a little sad. It looks kinda like someone died, esspecially with that stone you keep showing. (I'm afraid to ask, but is that a "K" on it at one point?)

This is also very kinda scary, I didn't think Jidai could emo so hard. I can picture Astir like that, but it's weird with Jidai!