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Yo! Here's some stuff about me, for anyone who's interested:

Fav color: purple
Fav food: MEAT
Manga I follow:
- One Piece
- Bleach
- Fairy Tail

I'm a freshman in high school.
I like peanut butter cookies :D

As a final note:
Terry Pratchett is a writing god. He was diagnosed with an early stage of Alzheimer's a year ago and still wrote 3 bestsellers. Recently he donated 1 million to research for a cure. Please, please follow his example and donate at least a little bit.
Oh Arthur, don't you know that talking to yourself is a sign of insanity? Although, from the train scene it might be a bit late for that...
Is it bad that all I can think is "Is he wearing a skirt?" in the third panel?
Yes. Yes it is.
Food is the solution to everything, that's my policy too!
Plus, this new guy is cute ;D
This page... Made me freak out a little in my head. Auughhhoowwowowouch. Sympathy pains, sympathy pains!
Arthur was a chubby li'l thing, wasn't he? ^3^ I just wanna pinch his cheeks.
Oh my
Oh my good golly
Oh my good golly gosh bejiminy.
LOP, you have proven yourself to be a master of pure, unadulterated awesomeness.
If I could have them, I would want your internet babies.
Ohmygod she cut off his head and he's still talking aaaarrrrghhhhhhhh
I had this great moment between panels 4 and 5 where I went "HO SHI-"
Oh my, Vlad has some real fury going here... I'm scared... seriously, I couldn't have imagined him looking like this D:
"They kicked me out of the church! Oh, and hi."
Oooh Zebi. Zebi, Zebi, Zebi. You make my life, you silly ex-priest you.
Also, male stripper whuuuut XD
This... this made my life. Seriously. My love for you, LOP, has grown three sizes this day. Or possibly eleventy kajillion.

PS: I spy Vlad's name! Haha, I had nearly forgotten about that XD
Oh man, I've missed these guys. I love how Cyrus and Matt get along about as well as Val and Matt did. Probably has something to do with genetics...
algiheoagherkgnea I am SO EXCITED I can't even express it through keyboard smash.
I love his face in the third panel, it's like the house is so cool he's going to throw up from SHEER AWESOMENESS.
Ooooh creepy
Extra updates make me happy!!!! :D And the pacing of the story is fine to me, having a lot of stuff be in one or two chapters is pretty normal as I understand it, plus these are the first chapters and have to explain things for the rest of the story, right? :)

PS: Icon love to the max
May 13th, 2010
This is an awesomesauce beginning for a comic, so mysterious and dark, oooooo... I was hooked from page 2. XD
Awww yay! Kole has a babeh girl :D but AAARRRRGGHHH the suspeeence it's killing meeeee D:
Aaargh aaargh aaargh I'm sorry, it's such a beautiful page, there's just this pet peeve I have: In panel 1, "alot" is actually "a lot" D: I feel like such a grammarnazi but I can't help it aaargh
Arthur's such a wiiiimp, haha
Oh man, I'm on the edge of my chair here, man! Suspense ARRRGH I can't take it!