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@felicityfox: pretty close, got it in reverse though.

clear to me now that I did not portray it as clearly as I thought I did.
...Sooner or later I'm going to be able to do this without sounding like a absolute goon.
I did a thing.'s this.
@kwane: Who wants to live forever amirite?
Basic stuff.
Will add more if required.
"beam sounds" "idk what that sounds like what do you take me for"

Best sound effects. 10/10.
February 21st, 2017
Makes sense...
He's a Tibian, which is an energy based race.

Energy beams are probably like punching with a really long arm to him.

Or in this case, punching with a long arm and then growing another arm on this long arm to punch someone who evaded.

Experimenting a bit with panel layouts.
Huh, he's actually kinda adorable now.

look at him, getting all concerned about how much trouble he might get her into.
Not going to lie, more than a little bit annoyed that this thing is being ended due to inactivity, mostly due to the fact I’ve been answering every question since I started.
But… I get it. Sometimes you just gotta know when to end something.
Either way, I’m glad I was a part of this while it lasted.

...really hope someone else adds a page or two before this ends, help give it a proper sendoff, as it were.
He'll sometimes notice a key detail everybody else has missed, but not quite know what to do with it.
February 3rd, 2017
I've heard suffering builds character.

...So... you got that going, I guess.
...bit of a big one.
I’ma just leave this here and huddle in a corner somewhere.
Oh yeah, that's a thought.
He has a scar. Did he always have that?
If not, wonder how he got it.
Oh hey.
It's Blair.
I have nothing good to say here.
Once again, don't have much more to add.

and for once, looks like that's a good thing.
It being Blair would explain the pink stuff...

Not 100% sure it explains the fire and lightning.

And, from what I've seen, whenever he's directly involved the damage is more or less contained to the immediate area.

...hypothetically, how screwed is everybody if he goes on a full-blown rampage?
...So am I the only one who feels that the timing of this question was meant to manufacture a certain type of answer?