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Anime lover, borderline insane and a bit of a condescending ass, what do ya think?
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...Is a neck snap even sufficient to kill a Tibian?
I mean, Silvena!Két is literally standing there with most of her torso missing.
Thought just occurred.
If Silvena successfully takes over Két's body, would that also cause her to gain "awareness"?

If so, would certainly be interesting to see such an egotistical goddess learn that she's nothing but a character in a webcomic.
Is it just me, or does it look like she's panicking?
And I'm suddenly getting the feeling they're not in Két's head.
...Did she just admit her motivation is childish?

Because if so, "Immortal Immaturity" is probably a more descriptive trope than any of the God ones.
Wait... So she just found it lying there on the floor?
That's kinda underwhelming considering it's the mcguffin.
Yes, Silverado, tell the guy who could probably vaporise your host that he's the one he has to focus on, there's no way that's gonna backfire.
Thought occurs. What exactly happens to Damaru if Silverado kicks the bucket?
First time is usually more infatuation.
It's that moment when you actually love a person for them is what falling in love actually is.
...Huh... So it is.
Welp, time to awaken my inner Warren.
While I'll agree with the general conclusion...

That manic laughing icon is not helping your case.
Well, she has been shown to be quite smart in the past, the issue is that she never puts the effort in.
Yeah... That sucks.

...Sadly, I can't get into the melodrama due to that DAMN LAUGHING ICON!

Are you TRYING to kill the mood here?
It is what it is.
Heck, if we're getting technical, even her acts of rebellion aren't her own.
...Getting Monika vibes, now that I think about it.
A world that is basically borderline unidentifiable... interesting.

I'd say there's two possibles, both noting the increasing fragility of world walls.
1: This is a world made by two fragments of worlds combining.
and 2: This is the remnants of a world that has broke.

Consisting the consistent theme of the surroundings, I'm thinking latter.
Okay, So that's past RP!Két... Which at the very least implies time travel shenanigans, for which Két is yet to be determined...

Which now begs the question "Why is she here?"
Also, is she in an "antagonise-the-author" mood?
October 1st, 2018
I mean, if we're being technical, can't she not see farther than the edge of the panel?
Okay, I know he just got the mother of all beatings and he's probably pretty embarrassed about that...
But isn't this a good thing? I mean, they knew they couldn't beat him, wasn't that the whole point of provoking him in the first place?
Heck, now even if Silvena tells them to get strong enough to take Blair out before trying to get Két, it's going to take them awhile.
In case anyone's interested...
They originate in an arcade game called "SegaSonic the Hedgehog" that never got an official release outside of Japan.
I mean... He DID do it...
Just it could have been SO much worse if he hadn't aimed up.