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Original Rival
I'm Irish, so stereotype means that that makes me a leprechaun. Leprechauns all have a pot of gold, apparently. Current market value of a 'pot of gold' is...I'M A FRIGGEN MILLIONAIRE!!! (Tremble at my logic)
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"First you say 'No!' Then ya get outta there!" Oh Sonic Sez, what'll you tell those kids next.
He had to smell Brent to know he was male? Atty must have a surprisingly feminine voice.
I think I'm having an ink withdrawal O_o No wait, it's just gas. Anyway, awesome stuff as usual :)
Nice to see the Monty Python reference perfectly links with the authors name :)

I seriously doubt Atty or George have a Holy Hand Grenade on them right now tho'
In my opinion Watchog is even worse though. Arms folded, that terrfying gaze... ಠ_ಠ
I can't believe someone else tried using Hitmonchan with Metronome :D I used it on my Hitmonlee, to surpisingly awesome effect.
I love how little the Bellsprout's expression actually changes.
Everybody needs a rival, and in Pokémon it's physically impossible not to have one.
^ Well, spoilers of course. Then again, seeing how old Pokémon S/G/C is it'd be like spoiling King Kong ;)
I'm surprised Askan even cares. Maybe he isn't quite so like his father as people believe.
Something along the lines of 'crying wolf'. Although seeing as she's the crook it's sort of flipped on its head.
Awesome, I'm looking forward to seeing all the other Leaders as much as mine...almost :D
Well, that explantion is as good as any. Especially if you really did come up with it on the fly :D
And here was me thinking Brendan was going to throw it at him. This is a far more destructive, and pretty, option.
"Beam us up"? That made my sides ache, that's for sure.
Leave it to the flunkys to come up with an idea that will probably screw everyone over.
The speed paint video he has of that pic says you won a competition for it. What was the competition?
*Tsk tsk* Such a waste of talent, eat your heart out da Vinci. Ok maybe not that high calibre but my point still stands, albiet rather shakily.
I always do my best to help, quite often ending up doing the opposite in the end.

Thank you, even if Dan Green doesn't approve 8D

EDIT: "...ending up doing the opposite in the end"? Damn double negatives! Or something along those lines.
Or rather than try to think up some new reason yourself, you could just do what this quote says: "Tell them what you're doing but not why. Then let them speculate. Listen to them as they speculate. When they come up with an idea you really, really like, tell them 'You finally guessed right. That was my reasoning all along.'" Problem solved, as long as somebody has a good idea down here.