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Me- Random, weird and funny (at least I think I am)

Like- Terry Pratchett books, being random,manga, video games and hanging around with my friends doing weird, crazy (and frankly dangerous) things. Also COOKIES

Occupation- freeloading student =P

Hobbies- Gaming, drawing, writing, anything that keeps me from getting completely bored =D

I'm also into a lot of manga and anime, like Bleach, Naruto, Death Note, Full Metal Alchemist and others. (By the way, if anyone who likes Death Note hasnt read the spin-off book, Another Note, buy it now! BEYOND BIRTHDAY RULES!)
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ha, little chibi's are awesome. the bottom picture looks like that 'chargin' ma lazer' thing, dunno if you meant to do that :P

btw, i will do my best to post soon. new courses at college and job mean i'm swamped with coursework and all that, but i could never abandon you all! so...yeah. posting soon :P
does this mean those of us who still have to post intros should just post asap instead of waiting for their turn? then things would get done quicker
i suddenly realised that i never said what azreal's job was at the hotel. Now we know :P

btw, i didn't have a rubber, so the pencil lines i sketched on orginially are still visible :P
dude, i love the last panel :D especially the little eevee!
okay, i'm ready to start again, but i feel i should explain why i promised to post some stuff and never did:

basically, i tried to test out several different styles (none of which really worked) and I wasn't happy with the way my characters looked, so i've been fiddling. Then I had exams, and i just have not been able to do any work at all. I feel horrible, so if it's alright, I'm probably going to post a lot of stuff to make up for it :(
his face is just amazing :D
sorry guys, i've been meaning to post something for ages, but I've had my college exams for the past coupla weeks, so they kinda took over my life :P will do something soon though
i wouldnt mind going, but i've got my a level exams over the next coupla weeks, so i'll probably be unable to do any serious work :(
great page :) i like that she just refers to him as 'this guy'.
i've been away a while so i've only just read pan's story, it's really good :) i wouldnt have expected a murderous little piggy :P
i love the way you draw and colour :) its great!
@ FairehMoon: thanks, nice to know i'm not the only one XD

@ Dolores: there may be, you'll just have to wait and see :P

@ Sempai: thanks :D
apparently the pokemon world has no floors or scenery :P anyway, hope you can make sense of this
sorry, i've had mine done a while, i was just inactive for a while :P i'll post mine after Dolores, shall i?
April 20th, 2010
seriously awesome page! though it kinda looks like he wants to kill me.....time to flee in terror :P
i've got my page done so i'll post after you guys :)
i dont really think we should have an update schedule, just so long as everyone updates at least once every two weeks. i think that would work :P
come to think of it, does it matter if two people do the same character? i mean, all our characters are just different versions of actual characters, you know, the messed up versions that came up beforehand, so wouldnt it make sense if there where one or two of the same character?
i would join in with this 'spider-is-cute' thing, like uber-arachnophobic, so im going to have to go with: die spider, die! good drawing though :P
hehe, evil plans rule XD
thanks, i'll probs do that. btw, dont worry, i don't check things either, i read this comic, but forgot to check the dates, which is why i joined so late :P