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Flame Lord Kay
im a lonely guy with a slight obsession with fire, swords, and good books. I like to play video and card games. Of my obsessions oddly enough i don't own a single lighter, i own only 1 sword (a hatori hanzo blade), and own so many books im stacking them wherever i can find room. my top 3 anime are Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, and Hellsing. im 5'6" 180lbs(mostly muscle),caucasian, dark brown hair,dark eyes that never want to stay the same color long, and single due too my extreme shyness around available women.
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ouch! good thing she isnt wearing high heals.
i wonder if gail can shoot fire from places other than her hands
its a game of duck, duck, FIRE GOOSE
i find blondie a bit too cheerful
if she wasnt so sexy i would be inclined to believe she is trying to muscle in on my turf.