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Hello! My name's Catherine and I really love to draw , love japanese street fashions, manga and just want to become a manga artist!!

Yes nothing really unique haha. xD Well, anyway, I finally joined Smack Jeeves! Maybe eventually I'll put up comics of my own. Well, for now I'll just help support fellow artists.

See ya around! ^w^
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That dog looks closely similar to my dog xD

Haha awesome xD
Awwww! So sweet! .^.^.
Love the comic so far!!
Love the third panel haha!

It must be fun teasing Davion :D

So mean! .>.<.

Haha intestine :P
Moods swings can be fuuun :D
Sexeh~ ;D

Hope you had a Happy 4th! ^^
We were all made in Arceus's image :) <3
I concur on this. D:
Wah...I think I like the white one better because I think it's pretty...NOO

Don't judge me!! D:<
July 3rd, 2010

The pet never had a chance >>
It does that to me as well. D:
Those villagers CAN be rude! That's why I hit them with nets sometimes or when Tom Nook's sleeping, hit the front door of the shop with a shovel.

I so horrible. X3'
Haha! I wish you could choose an animal character as another option.

That'd be great! I love the Gamecube version the best. x3
He returns! D:
Haha! My friend's so like that :D
At lease he'll die happy :)
Hope you had a good birthday! :D