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Former Actress, Domestic Goddess, all-around creative fountain-o-plenty, and gaga over anything Final Fantasy VII, Star Wars, and far FAR too much more!
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Ok... Please forgive me if this is going to be a blond question, but after going through every bloody page on the site at least twice word for word, I have either missed the answer or I might be the only one that doesn't know it...
So... My question is: How do you pronounce the elven names in this comic please?
I would really appreciate it for it's been driving me a tad bit bonkers. (Though I COULD use the fact I have had a dangerously high fever and throat infection and now am on a buffet of meds that make thinking a rather amusing sport.... but I digress *wink*)
Though it has been simply ages since i posted or visited the comic site for anything but the new pages... I noticed for some reason Enkidas comments and was inclined to see what all the chatter was about.... And dear, anyone who knows you - and I'll wager anyone who reads the comments or even Enkidas comments for this comic WOULD know you since you are one of the most avid posters.... would know you only meant well. Those devoted enough to the site I am sure also (like me) would have known what you were quoting from, and that you indeed were quoting from Enkida herself. You, as ever luv, handled it with charm and grace. I wish everyone could think before they speak... or type... with such elegance. Jusst wanted you to know I was impressed enough to come out of the shadows (no pun intended) to tell you that.
Page problem
Is it just me, or is anyone else not getting the comic page on screen?? It appears to be missing - has been all bloody day! *sigh*

Everything else is here it would seem......
Valentine -
In re: to wombat... You took the words right out of my mouth!!! Only I wasn't going to be quite as politely hysterical or as eloquent as you were!! Well done lad!
Holy Chocobos!! That incentive sneak peek is FRIKKIN AWESOME!!! *Swoons*

I LOVE the picture of their kids!! *swoons more* ..... *and more!!*
OMG, Enkida! I am totally flabbergasted that you actually gave me my own thread, etc, etc, blah blah blah...

The idea that people actually would be interested enough in my stuff to warrant that is ridiculous to me - specially since I have been feeling like I might be saturating this site a bit much as it is.

None the less, I am very honored you think I deserve it. *hug* Thank you so much.
Enkida -
LOVE the new incentive!! *drools all over Vincent*

I have some new KH2 sketches (lots, actually)... but I think I will hold off on sending you anything until they are colored. Your gallery is getting kind of saturated with crap from me so perhaps one more (if that) should be the last.
Wouldn't the planet acting out and defending it's self be just like what the humans were doing to defend themselves, then?

If the planet is like a race of sentient being(s) ...Then it was acting just like the humans were. Kind of like humans attacking Cancer with kemo. Who's to say the cancer shouldn't or should win??
I can see hints of where Yuffie gets her... *ahem*... fashion sense.*eyeballs the fishnet stockings and top that are peeking out* I don't know why, but I find that both surprising as all hell, and rather tickling at the same time!!

I also find the similarities actually rather painful. I can see how greatly Yuffie would suffer from the absence of her mom in her life just by how much I can see how tremendously close they would have been.
Valentine -
I've often thought that as well! Granted, I wasn't into FF until AC came out and I became obsessed... but when I asked me hubby that q, he was taken a bit back and couldn't give me an answer either! Bugs the poo out of him now!
Rachey -
Don't look now... but you just did. *pulls small dagger out of shoulder*

And btw... no, it wasn't just me. My husband didn't like it either.

I, by no means, am dissing Enkida in any way.. I usually love and always support her unique versions of well-established ...well, anything, really. I just didn't like the silhouette. Sorry if you think I am WRONG (gods forbid!) for having a different opinion... but I thought I would be honest and give my feedback along with the gush and praise she normally gets.

Silly me for opening my mouth!, typing on my keyboard, at least! :op
MMmmmm.... I may be impaled by daggered comments for this.... but I rather don't like the silhouette of Vincent/Phoenix.... it looks too much like a freaky Amazonian bug of some sort... like a gigantic bazillion-legged-poison-you-just-by-looking-at-it-and-it's-obscenely-over achiever-attitude-in-antenna-growth bugs.


But perhaps that's just me.
I can't tell you how many times I have had an "Is he, or isn't he a vampire?" debate...... Nothing is set in writing either way... but to me the implications lean towards he IS supposed to be perceived as a vampire - though I don't believe any of the official SE guides come right out and say that (as they LOVE to keep us hanging by a mere thread, don't they?). Now if ya want the debate points... I will just go and sift through all me former notes... though if memory serves me - it's been done here before.
LOVE the new incentive!! Too cute!!!

Love how Yummy Vincent is as of late (as if he ever was anything but!!!)!

And I love the way Lucretianberry is FINALLY looking like how I perceive her to be in MY mind!!!! :op
*uses watercolor pencils as well for her fan art* And I might add Enkida was an inspiration for it!! She gave wonderful advice on techniques I had lonnnnnnng since forgotten (if ever indeed I knew!)

*bows to the WCP queen*
YE GODS!!! I just want to smack the HELL out of Vincent for being SO BLOODY STUPID!!!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

And I just want to flog LewdCretion (my new name for her)the hell out of her to no end for being SUCH a daft, cruel, and criminally idiotic *#%^#&. I HATE her to bits!!!

Turk Vinny
Personally I miss the lonnnngggggg hair! *sobs*

... and the pale skin and red eyes, come to think of it. But mostly the long hair.

*is obsessed with long hair on men* As if you couldn't tell by my fan art (save for the Rude stuff I draw just for Enkida!!) :op
father issue
Enkida did say a long lonnnnnng time ago that Sephiroth being the love child of Vincent and Lucretia was merely her interpretation and she made it so because it fit with where she wanted this story to go (paraphrased, of course). no it is not cannon... or even implied in anything official. Never will be since Hojo being sephys father is cannon as of DoC.
Now see, Klepto, I thought the DP in DoC was outrageously awesome!! Of course, having never played FFVII (or anything aside from my Atari 5200 games from my gens heyday... until DoC, that is)..Er... where was I?? Oh yes! I was vastly disappointed when i saw what the original DP was like in 7!! I MUCH prefer Cerberus to everything - but even my husband went barmy over the new version!!
Another Shadow??? Well I guess it was inevitable eventually.... What with the constant growing popularity of this comic!

Pretty soon there will be duplicate names of everyone on here and Enkida will rule the world!!