I suppose I'm a creative person that likes to create things on many mediums. I always liked to tinker with movies, comics, paintings, even tried to make a game.
Oh man Page 201 wooo
lets get out of this dank basement room. im sick of drawing it :P
Shading is time consuming... but it looks so good. i never know what to do with blank backgrounds
Full digital for the most part from now on.
im dropping pencil but it'll pop up randomly.

Ive been mixing digital and pencil for a while now.
Redid the cover for each chapter. newer vector logo and cleaned up the first one since i had no idea what i was doing then. not completely satisfied but whatever ill figure it out later.

reread some of the old pages and man is the dialogue not the best. ill have to work on that.
I started this page 3 years ago. its been sitting here for so long. whelp... I'mma draw for me and me alone >:^D
trying to keep a schedule. might be something like every 2 weeks idk
oh boy its been two years. actually ive been working on this off and on but never finished a page. so heres a page. i have about 15 pages at various stages.
Heres 193 took awhile to draw this :/
take that! (Phoenix wright voice)
I kinda liked this page with just pencil and simple shading but this till look good to me. One of the closest close ups i've done. 3rd panel text is kinda messy but i wanted to keep that panel small and the pacing the way it is.

@kafi- thanks i spend a great deal on what people should or shouldn't say.

@the orange cow- what is that?

@ruu the dasher- thanks! unique and diverse panels and art styles make making this comic fun and fresh for me.
Hey Ya'll New page! Probably my favorite page I've done in a while. I had a very simple sketch of heavy blacks and bright whites and it was very effective so I kept the idea and I love how it turned out. Its a very moody page with mostly sfx to create the pacing. I like this page so much that Khawn is my avatar pic now. This is a very pivotal moment where two paths shall cross, intertwine, and produce fun comicy booky stuff. Also stop trying to look up her skirt, you perv.

Enjoy :)

@The orange cow- ill be wigging out pretty wigging hard if someone went and wigged out as a monster on me too. wiggity

@Mayelv- its better then a Kamehameha, Luckily im resistant to the power of puppy dog eyes.

@Kafi- Thanks for reading! And for your nice comments. It really means a lot to me. All comments do... I love comments, they sustain me MUAHAHHAHAAHAH nom nom nom

@Ruu the dasher- Totally, Max is a weakling hahahaha!
Simple backgrounds. I kinda just want to push on forward to the next pages. Drawing puppy dog eyes on louis was a lot harder then I thought.

@the orange cow- yeah everybody is crazy in this world.
u musta did a lot of research for all the gods and belief names and such.
oh man i messed up the weapon on panel 1 so i went back and fixed it. hmmm it doesnt fill the panel as well but oh well :P
@Deonis: thanks man, and thanks for reading still!
Owww just missed the thursday update by a few mins :P
I feel like these types of pages are boring but Enjoy!

@The Orange Cow- thanks! and its totes legit >:)

@MayelV- thanks! its super unique item.

@-Ruu-the-Dasher- Yay! glad u still read
So I had this page drawn like 5 months ago. Added text and cleaned it up a week ago. Got around finishing it up today :P

I sort of have a new process of making comics now. Lets see if it works out better.

So in between these 6 months. I got a new computer and it took me awhile to adjust the settings/get photoshop working, got a new job that was super tiring and creatively draining, and had extreme writers block. Now I sorta have a cooler more enjoyable job and setup all this stuff on my computer. I feel good so lets kick ass.

Aslo Thanks for reading still :P
Starting up again slow and steady. Cant promise nothing.

Tea, mostly for page transition its been bugging me for a while now.
Sorry! Ima busy all week!
@MayelV: Thanks! i had to do a redesign of her hat too, the last hat was just to odd to draw at certain angles