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I suppose I'm a creative person that likes to create things on many mediums. I always liked to tinker with movies, comics, paintings, even tried to make a game.
That medical training is handy!
They are up to some shady bizz.
@MayelV: nice to have you back, sadly I only added like 30ish pages in 5 years :/
This page is pretty dense. Think of it as three pages :)
Big crowds! Hooo boy did this take a long time to do. Came out supa nice I feel.
Hes a tad Stabby
oh no! you're should be your
They're friends! Maybe...

Adding more thicker outlines for fore ground objects. Doing all digital is nice for that.
Back to Khawn and some returning characters! You may remember them from chapter 2. They're a bit sketchy these two...
these backgrounds are soooo good
the most important question
woo, good read I'm caught up again. As always great world building dialogue and characters!
oh man this comic has dope art, gunna give it a read
Big changes! Or rather... larger page size changes? Pages are bigger, just by a bit. Should be better to zoom in on. I'll go back and do this for every page. Not sure when but I will do the font changes maybe minor page tweaks and the larger pages.
Note: Chapter 1 was honestly more of a prologue and setup of the world. For me personally it was a massive test bed on how to make comics. What to do and what not to do. I experimented a ton with weird panels, art styles, and odd story bits. Looking back I can tell some things were super abrupt and the pacing was weird in some areas. But I learned a bunch :)
Note: Chapter 1 is essentially the prologue. You're going to see a lot of experimentation, awkward pacing, and abrupt story elements.

I had no clue how to make a good comic when I started this. I hope you enjoy the comic and seeing how I develop as and artist and writer. Thanks!
September 18th, 2017
@dotsei: a good thing if thats what you were going for
September 16th, 2017
very fire emblem looking style here
Burnt to a Crisp
Trumatic! and... PAGE 200!!!