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I suppose I'm a creative person that likes to create things on many mediums. I always liked to tinker with movies, comics, paintings, even tried to make a game.
Note: Chapter 1 was honestly more of a prologue and setup of the world. For me personally it was a massive test bed on how to make comics. What to do and what not to do. I experimented a ton with weird panels, art styles, and odd story bits. Looking back I can tell some things were super abrupt and the pacing was weird in some areas. But I learned a bunch :)
Note: Chapter 1 is essentially the prologue. You're going to see a lot of experimentation, awkward pacing, and abrupt story elements.

I had no clue how to make a good comic when I started this. I hope you enjoy the comic and seeing how I develop as and artist and writer. Thanks!
@dotsei: a good thing if thats what you were going for
September 16th, 2017
very fire emblem looking style here
Burnt to a Crisp
Trumatic! and... PAGE 200!!!
Reviewing old pages at the moment.
This page gave me crippling writers block. This stupid subplot with the luck charm... More stuff about his dad was supposed to be here but I just took the easy way out and made Max sit on the box.
Oh man I'm like 3 chapters behind. gotta get to reading this again
Im digging this style good stuff
Imma book mark this
Im going to have to reread this comic. Its been so long since I last saw it.
YO BIG CHANGES. Decided to change the font from shitty comic sans. I know I should have done that ages ago since comic sans is poopy. Kept it for so long out of tradition. I hope the new font is just as readable.

Did a little tweaking to the font width to mimic the same space that the original comic sans took up since I'm going to eventually go back and replace ALL THE TEXT. Maybe fix all the spelling and grammar too... maybe...
Oh man got back from vacation. The Eclipse was dope. Also too much background here. Takes so long to draw books and wall paper :P
Crazy drugged poison vision.
Fun fact I made this page in 2013!
Mostly done for 4 years. I tweaked it a bit but it's pretty much the same. If you can't tell it's still in pencil!
Oh man this dialogue got me so writers block for such a long time.
I don't know if its perfect but its better then what it was
Lets get out of this dank basement room. I'm sick of drawing it :P
Shading is time consuming... but it looks so good. I never know what to do with blank backgrounds
Full digital for the most part from now on.
I'm dropping pencil but it'll pop up randomly.

I've been mixing digital and pencil for a while anyways.
Redid the cover for each chapter. Newer vector logo and cleaned up the first one since I had no idea what I was doing then. not completely satisfied but whatever I'll figure it out later.

Reread some of the old pages and man is the dialogue not the best. I'll have to work on that.
I started this page 3 years ago. its been sitting here for so long. whelp... I'mma draw for me and me alone >:^D