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I suppose I'm a creative person that likes to create things on many mediums. I always liked to tinker with movies, comics, paintings, even tried to make a game.
Is this real? creepy statute/kid/alien in the center
Don't pick on my lil bro like that!
Don't do the door guy's job!
Good art n stuff. Im in!
mmmm interesting concept so far
prologue flash back?
Page update
Original can be found here
Updated page
Big color update to this page. And like all the color pages I'm going to add the logo to them. I created this page 10 years ago but the lighting always bothered me.

Original image can be found
OK this page changed a bit when I updated.

I removed like 50% of the dialogue and spiced it up a bit. I HATED the huge text bubbles/wall I had before. It's so much more readable.

I also gave the country a name.
Note: Chapter 1 is essentially the prologue. You're going to see a lot of experimentation, awkward pacing, and abrupt story elements.

I had no clue how to make a good comic when I started this. I hope you enjoy seeing how I develop as and artist and writer. Thanks!

Updated the logo! It's vectors now wooo.
Also the website got a facelift. Its all moody grey.
So after 10+ years I decided to update the font and dialogue a bit. Also larger page sizes and fixed paneling issues. Im going to try to keep the art relatively the same. Although there will be changes where appropriate.

I'll point out big changes for anyone interested.

This page has both Max and Khawn introduced but I've since removed Khawn's name drop. As it serves no purpose.
Nothing like sweating in a freezing cold meat locker.

Side note I updated the entire chapter 3 with updated font, page size, and grammar fixes. Also some dialogue was edited and shortened to make more ascetically pleasing (small) text bubbles. A few pages have tweaked art as well.

When I go back to chapter 1-2 its gunna be a lot harder to fix. I didn't really use a good photoshop folder structure or layer management.
OOOooooOooo a dragon!
Neat. I forsee the most important goal in the future here.
This page changed a lot! Sorta... I tried to fix the pacing and I ending up doing the same thing hahaha. I did add dialogue, fixed Syrene's face, and added a little shadowy guy.
I edited this page! Added a body for Max and Khawn. They were floating heads before :) Going to "fix" all the pages for chapter 3. First the page size is bigger and the font has changed from comic sans to some other thing!
Max is freaking out! I like this page. It was easy to do :)
A reunion!!! Happiness will ensue!
That medical training is handy!
They are up to some shady bizz.