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I suppose I'm a creative person that likes to create things on many mediums. I always liked to tinker with movies, comics, paintings, even tried to make a game.
3rd time I restructured this page :)
Added a crumbling golem at the bottom. Mostly for funzies
I dont ever comment anymore but this comic is a classic
Re organized this page once again :P
Updated the 2nd panel with a new face.
Renee is cool. She wasn't planned to be so involved but I've upgraded her to be more interesting/important.
I have edited this page 3 times >.<

2nd panel is redone and a combo of repurposed panels.
Modified both panels. Mark is leaping with the spear instead of just crouching on the spear.
Redid this page. Made Mark vault instead of just appear and hop on the spears. It was pretty goofy before.
Updated 1st panel. It was quite nonsensical before (also lazy)
Update Max's HORRIBLE face. God that was a horrible drawing.
Added a young guilty looking mark in the last panel. It was just his hand last time.
Updated the page with a better last panel. Theres now a little camp and lookout. As well and dialogue adjustments.
Added a new panel 1 and added more death and destruction to the last panel.
Actual new page. I did this last year, I just never got around to shading it all in.
Spruced up the dialogue. It was super sucky before.
Added a new panel top right.
Tilted that middle panel more and drew a deeper lineup of the soldiers.
Added sound effects and Clanged Max's helmet shut.
Brand spanking new page. Its pretty much expands on the one dark thought panel. It foreshadows a bit and also gives more prominence to the night of the fire. I super wanted to do this page for ages.