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ยดω` Hiii~~~ /shot
I'm 15 (oldddd OTL|||) and like making stupid stories and trying to stick to them =u=;;;

I love cute things and Japanese street fashion *v*
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Bwahaha! ;v; <3333 /holds in laughter <-- there's a depressing story on the news OTL|||
The expressions! x'DDD Awah this page is just dedicated to awesomefaces~~ ;u;/// *decides these things*

I love the groovy circles in the first panel~~ *u* uwahh

Ohh yes congratsies on the spotlight~! You deserve it so much ububu T 3T

Sorry I spam you so much OTL|| /crawls back into corner
LOL I love the expression in the last panel ahahaaa <33 *takes photo*
I love the colours used in the top panels, it gives such a ehhh
Iunno a nice feel /SHOT OTL|| =u= <33 *inhales shiny art~~*

Can I just say I loooove Jigsaw (it's Jigsaw righhht? OTL|||| /bad with names) her style is just so odjfgjoidjgogjh *dowant*. ;u;

I'm a cat person. ;___;
Even though I'm allergic.
And they have a way of making you feel dumb.
;u; I love doggies though <33
Bwahaha I love the epic stars in the last panel c'B Lovely colours as always! ;___;
Love the technique in the first panel awahh ;v;
and LOL thank youu ;v; you're the one with the amazing art <333 yourr colours are so opjhgidgh ;A;<33 /drools all over keyboard
*continues to poke nasty man in the stomach* >:(
*steals epic stars and runs*

Bwaha yes harajuku fashion is the best ;u;b I agree!! Weyy UK buddies~ :D
*packs bags*
jdiosjgiohiofg <3333 Your art. I can't get enough. T 3T
Guh Guh Guh >:( *pokes him in the stomach*
Gorgeous colours ffff ;3; <33
I love the blues and brownss aaaah~~ /spins around <33

I agree with Id Engager LOL <333
BAWWW il this page fff ;A;<333
The last panel!! *v* it's so gorgeous ;3;
I can imagine passers by dancing and singing~~~ /SHOT OTL||

Bwa buh meee? ;3; are you sure you've got the right person LOL;;; *fails*
eee ;____; expect fanart when I have time~~ ;3; /loveson
Read it all and...
I am in love with this comic.
Please let me marry it. ;3; <3333
Gorgeous art, ugh, it's just magical.
*searches down the back of couch for money*