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Spectator Aero says...
I should be able to post something by the end of this week... thats if I'm not too busy with SFxTK.
@Tex give me some more time to get everything set, then I'll post my next comic. But in the mean time, you can post something if you like.
Spectator Aero says...
Pretty damn good.
Author Aero says...
Whens the last time I posted anything? Well from yours truly, Aero the Wolf, The Original founder/veteran of UAZ. I don't have too much to type right now so I'm going to make this quick. For those who don't know me and want to join, you got to meet my expectations.

1. You have to be a good spriter/comic maker in order to join, which shouldn't be a problem for anyone, I don't want "perfection", any sort of talent will do.

2. You gotta keep up with the plot, or you can come up with your own that will come together with the main storyline. Only 3 plots at a time, so you only got two left to come up with, contact me or Rock (Eternal) if you have ANY ideas for a plot.

3. Ok, I know you guys are getting tired of reading this shit so I'm going to make this one thing clear, "Don't start none, won't be none". No drama no problem is what I ment, should be easy for you guys to comprehend.

4. If you do decide to join, just pm me, Rock (Eternal), or Dark to be accepted. Oh and if you haven't already, try to get along with the other members of the Webcomic.

5. Just have fun.

PS. I'm going to undapte the banner later, so PM your sprites if you haven't.
Spectator Aero says...
I'd prefer he be a lion, my opinion
I say it's the heels
@Everyone: I could have done better, but it ain't my sprite, I just tried to help, if you guys are so good, why don't you try it?
Spectator Aero syas...
@Cman: lol

@Sprite: Me liken this one.
@everyone: Just ignore him.
Veteran Spriter, Aero says...
Well I tryed, not quite use to editing small stuff. I re-edited the head and the clothes, thats about it.

*goes back to spectator mode*
Spectator Aero says...
Good 2 see your still up and running
July 29th, 2010
Spectator Aero says...
Ray's about to do some Akuma shit on Katai
Spectator Aero says...
Y = do a tatsu-maki-senpu-kyaku(Hurrican kick)... or A = Jump
Indeed, but since the summers about here, gives us time to do whatever we want, yeah.
Aero's response...
@JBlack/Harrow: I didn't really put alot of effort into the pants/torso, so sue me.

@Neo: Thought I was dead didn't you?
Spriter Aero says...
I wasn't planning on doing this but I had nothing better to do, plus I did need to update something. Here's the old/new Aero the Wolf, how I started off on SJ and how Im "somewhat" present through SJ, not my best work for the new version. C+C me if ya want.
Spectator Aero says...
Congratulations, you've gone up a level.
Spectator Aero says...
I totally agree
Spectator Aero sasy...
>Press X< I did expect more from Shadow, because we all know he wouldn't go down so easly.
Spectator Aero says...
>Anwser: Just a regular normal person... why?