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Spork has to be one of the greatest words in the history of mankind.
Now, how'd I get here? No clue, actually. =D

Avatar of a bunnified Orange (who is owned by me) provided by Poppykook.
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December 19th, 2014
Heh, sorry I haven't been on that much, I've been dealing with family issues. And holiday issues. The usual.

Anyways, I'm gonna start working on a couple epilogue pages, try to get them up by the end of the year. No promises.

@AshFisher: We tend to branch out into the comments via role playing. Some of the parts are within those. Other times, we get busy and forget until after the deadline has passed. ^^; I'm a bit guilty of that one. But as long as everyone has fun, those occasional lapses are fine with me. And sorry for responding if you didn't want a response.

@LandenMaster: I'll reply to your wondering from your epilogue page on this comment: No, that's actually not what it looks like under the cloth around Basile's eyes, but he has used something similar as an illusion in the past.
Orange frowned slightly in sympathy as she went to pat Alpha on his back. Hearing his reasoning about it had confirmed her suspicions about the robot. "It's okay with me, you panicked and did the first thing you thought of. No one should be blaming you for that." She quickly smiled, "Besides, chances are that the person doing this won't target you. After all, Arlon was the first person they targeted."

She hopped back up, frown returning. She looked around the 'mansion' with a slight shiver. "On a different note, is anyone else creeped out by this place?"


OOC: Honestly, being in character is the best way to go about it, it appears. It definitely made an impact, in my mind. There could be a bit more time left, but I don't know.
@KreeTheBasilisk: Any response is better than no response! Curious to see what it is.
"Oh yeah?" Orange gritted her teeth as she spontaneously decided to do the first thing that came to her head. She stepped towards Alpha and held her arms out and away from her body casually, as if daring him to use the Brechenburg Extractor on her. "Because I think it would be better if we discussed things like equals instead of one person leading, because no one is dead weight."

In her mind, this was an attempt to get Alpha to calm down. A rather risky one on her part, but she was fine with that. "You don't even have to put it down." Orange finished.

OOC: *thumbs up* You did a nice job on the page! And darn my ideas for responses that won't go on paper for me.
Yeah, Pelipper is pretty awesome in how strong it is. I just prefer speedier pokemon.

And yay, he talked again!
(After the simulation has calmed down)
Orange sighed as she thought through the scenario, thinking up everything as she went through it. "This was not what I was expecting when I decided to come to this museum." She finally said as she bounced slightly, slower than she normally would have. "Defacing of art, unscheduled simulations, and now this?" This has gone far enough." An obvious statement, said as she started to pace in circles. "We need to figure out who did this so that nothing else occurs."

She hid her shaking hands behind her back as she considered how to continue, turning to the others. "Of course, the person that this happened to was a rather odd choice." She went back to her bouncing, looking a bit like she was struggling to stay in one spot. "Why would they choose someone that would essentially clear someone..."

"Of course, none of us are completely in the clear. However, I think that my suspicions are on Ed, because he would be the one that is most knowledgeable about how to delay the simulations to a time where he could be with someone when they started." She looked at Ed with a sigh. "Of course, there is a bit of time to convince me to switch to someone else."

OOC: Hi! There are two perfectly good reasons why I didn't post until now, and one of them is also why I decided to calm the simulation.

1) I was away from my computer for a good portion of the two phases.
2) I was sick when I did find time...and accidentally sneezed on the page I was going to make. (And reading about being sick makes me feel a bit sicker.)

For now, though, I'll just leave my minor suspicions of Ed here.
I bet that this is one extremely odd dream.

Also, I imagine that crocheting with plot holes would be very hard to do. I'll stick with using strands of characters, thank you very much.
Huh, I didn't know that houses could multiply that easily, unless they're down the street and in completely the wrong spot.

In other news, I sense an obstacle course sort of deal to get back.
@robybang: I'm good with it as well...partly because I have to regather my thoughts about the game, and partly because it's the best course of action from what I do gather.
I think all of their outfits show their personalities quite well! However, I think April's looks the best, and Emily's the worst.
I dunno, that unicorn looks rather suspicious...
Wait, you mean he isn't bald under the hat?
...Why does he/she/it look like he/she/it doesn't have anything but a hand? I know there's a high chance that he/she/it does, and I'm just being odd in my observations...
@Poppykook: I don't like it, I love it! Thank you! And I don't mind the wait, as it's still before Easter.
After the shaking had stopped, Orange looked around at everyone. "No one was seriously hurt, right?" She picked herself up and dusted off her shirt. "Besides the one that caused this, I mean. I don't think he can recover."

Noticing who she was beside, Orange did a quick pocket swap with Arlon, leaving a Russian pool billiard ball in exchange for a certain artifact that he had on him. It would be funner to see his reaction to the swap at a later point. "Although I am glad that "The Carcass of an Ox" has been cleaned off now. Thank you, sir." She said as she walked over and shook Jay's hand.

OOC: If it's okay, I wouldn't mind a bunnification avatar of Orange. I think it would be interesting to see what she'll look like! Plus it's about time I changed mine from Piplup, and the bunny seems like a good cuteness equivalent.
And sorry for doing a response like this, but my mind is currently at a bit of a blank in the drawing department.
Also, the backgrounds are awesome!
I say it's Wigglytuff.
@Poppykook: Because your name is hard to what they call chickens in LoZ.
But anyways, I'm here. Kinda sorta.
@Lottos35: As it is, it's my sister's birthday.

@Chiyoi: I was actually thinking Bill.
I'm cool with anyone but Randall winning at this point. Simply because it would be hilarious to see his reaction.
Not Luke! Anyone but Luke!
But unfortunately, I think it's going to be Luke. =<