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I love drawing and I love others drawings and art work!<3
Webcomics and stuff amuse me greatly, I love them so~! Also Rping is quite fun I've found... =w=
I'm a DMC and KH obsessy too. =w=
I do like BL, aint gonna lie. XD I freaking love neon colors, especially neon green~ <3
Also I can be random at times. :3
I take a really long time to Update, and I apologize for that. I really appreciate all of you that like this comic and stayed with it. Ive been going through A LOT of personal things...Im in the process of drawing another page and a picture just to thank you all.
I'll try to update more often now. Hopefully after today things will calm down a little.
Bye bye A-dolls Q_Q Miss you already~
Sorry I've been so slow with this comic...Been busy with my personal life. But that's no excuse.
Thanks for reading, I'll try to get the next page out soon. <3

Also for those who didn't see, I'm on Hiatus, and still am, I just might post here and there. Dx
Good thing to finally get on the interweb for =v=
; v ; I like the stars...So stary.
So much
I lost it in my computer before I left for my near month long trip, then I've been so busy I totally forgot. Then I was going through things on my computer, and SHABAM this baby turned up. =w=;
Plx enjoy this extremely talkative page.
And yes I know the last few pages have looked rather crappy. But I'm going to put more effort from now on.=3=;
I'll stfu now.
Kiss up.
Gawd Keon, got your mom wrapped around your finger. xD
Ugh my updates have been so far apart, I'm sorry! OTL

Also, I'm gonna be going on a two-three week vacation in five days, and since I'm buying my laptop there I might not update for a while.
I'll try to update once more before I leave. Q_Q Sorry!!
Wow...You like...Knew what she's gonna say almost exactly. ._.
I didn't buy it...
I just mooched it.
Great job Keon. -thumbs up-

Sorry for taking so long!
And that this page is crap, I put this page up mega slow too and that doesn't help. I'm going through a hardcore art block....; ; I can't get out of it! Need inspiration! ; ^ ;
Sorry for the late update again!
Don't throw silverware at your children. Geez. >>

For some reason, this page was horribly uncooperative. >>; I redrew it a million times until I just gave up. XD
Motha needs a name, anyone care to help me pick a name for motha? : D
Aw damn
Dice is bein a creeper. lawl. =w=
Lol Your comment inspired me to write mine. <3 And thanks :'D
How many of you have lost? = w =
Thats Rude
Gawd Keon, stop sticking your tongue out at people, your mother taught you better.

Not much going on, on this page xD

And thank you to everyone for supporting this so far! :'D (I love the comments. They make me smile... =w= )
Takin the game
So I switched the hand that the game was in...wait no I didn't...He's just magical and can do that. >>; (Failed)
Well he got the game either way, that's all that counts. >w>;
I don't like the transition from the last page. =w=; Gotta slow it down next time XD
Strangers and Free stuff
This is the prequel! Awesome! Keon you know better then to talk to strangers in top hats! Then again...Free stuff.
Thats Keon talking in the creepy dark eye zoom panel by the way.
Good way to keep those hostile teens out of trouble.
Cover page hur hur~
Drew this ages ago...I'll redo it eventually. =w='
Awesome! Anniversary ftw! Your rock my socks XD
POINT FOR ZADEL~! ....But Abel and Val are close seconds =w=;
HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU~ :'D Have a glorious day~!
Chapta 10~ YES~!
Y-you updated?! *sobs* I'M SO HAPPY!!! :'D I'm happy your alive!!! Also take as long as you need to update, Its worth waiting. Such a great comic.:D Btw and I find Zee incredibly sexy in the third panel. :3