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There are two of us here!

Ashlyn: Writer, colourist and webmaster.
Jess: Artist and editor.

Ashlyn is the one who deals with all the SmackJeeves stuff, so I'm going to stop talking in third person now. Hi! I'm Ashlyn. I like making pretty pictures and hope you like looking at them.

Wanna talk? As long as you don't use chatspeak, I'm game. You might want to say "Hi, I'm from SmackJeeves." though or I will assume you are a spambot.

More Art!
Jess's devArt:
Ashlyn's devArt:
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You know, I think Atty's jumper would be really heavy when wet. Poor Atty.
I do believe Computer's expression in the last panel sums it up nicely.

>:3 I am teh evil bunny!
I really love this page. Nidoran really would be scary to something DT sized. Pointy.
Oh noes! Sebille!

(Don't you just hate it when pictures do that?)
Mew~ The Temple of Miu! Onomatopoeia!
Does tail stepping negate awkward apologies?
I'm jumping on the 'girl is going to suck out his soul or something similar' boat.
Indecent? Indecent how? What are you up to, cad!
The back room is where he lures his prey to be acquired, dun dun duuuun!