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Everytime I play PMD and PMD 2 I always end up being the naive type. My friends agree with it...the name kinda stuck. So now when I buy PMD 3 I figure I'll become a naive type once more.

Anyway, hi! Faving's the game, naive's the name. *peace sign* >3<
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Awww you've draw shinx! My all time favorite Pokemon! And for my all time favorite game too. Yeah! XD
October 14th, 2009
This story is so funny! I love all the characters, epsically Shichi. X3
At first I thought it was dirt till I saw the feathers. Hopefully, the other Pokemon won't end up like him...

Atty with a smile? That'd be a miracle. XD
I don't think I've ever laughed so much before in my life! XD The teacher cracked me up!
Nice story. Its cute and funny! I like the way you draw. :)