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Hey there!

Might still be awhile for the rest of chapter 7 to follow, I'm afraid, but it IS being worked on!
School is just, kinda, kicking my butt a little ;3

I had been wondering about what to do for this chapter's cover page, didn't like any of the thumbs I'd penciled down. Then a friend, Reddo (who better get groovin' on her nuzlocke remake ;3 ) suggested

"Rika making graveler faces"
"Regan doing a krabby dance"

and things just kinda went from there hahaha.

Still on vacation o:

but, with this chapter end, and me moving next week, and school starting up the week after...

I'll try to keep you guys posted on updates, a'ight? <33

(... denial's a pretty powerful thing, isn't it?)
This is an automatic upload!
I should be in/on my way to Japan right now!

Stay safe folks, and don't forget to have fuun~

This chapter's almost done!
Remember this guy? No...?

I didn't either, til now. >___>;;;;
Trying out a bunch of stuff.. do do do, experimenting, yay :V
'Had.' That's past tense, I believe.
Sometimes, enough is enough.
Nothing much to say today. Tired @__@
Happy new year!!
Bonne année et bonne santé! <3 Happy new year to all.

If you didn't catch my author comment last page:

Because of the way the script turned out for this chapter (partly by choice and partly cause I derped. . . ), we don't actually touch on Rika and Mathew's escape from the Underground. I do plan to bring it up at a later point...

but in the meantime, if you want to know how they escaped, click here to give you a bit of an idea as to how it went down!
And so ends the flashback . . . wooosh.

Merry christmas, to those of you who celebrate it! Happy holiday of choice, if you prefer ^^;;

In any case, hope your day's gone well!
Not much to report. Hope everyone's holidays are going well <3
Oh wow you wouldn't believe what a piece of work the net here can be haha. But now that I've moved to an inside room in camp maybe this will actually post... fingers crossed! (If you see this then it worked, hooray! If not, then I am probably a steaming ball of frustration edit:: well it didn't work so my bro is uploading this remotely for me hooray! thanks bro)

Anyway hi! Hope all is going well!
Better than it's going for Rika and Museum Guy over here, anyway!
Oops the month got away from me D:
Good news though, my sis is heading back home soon so she can get back to colouring/flat'ing pages for me owo so hopefully 2014 can end on a better updating note than it's had going so far x3;;

Another crossover time! loves me some crossovers <3
If I had more time I'd do a lot more fan art, I think. I never used to care to draw it but nowadays the idea's grown on me.
But if I'm making time to draw and have to choose between comics or fan art... it's 95% of the time gonna fall back to comics. . .
So it's nice to have a chance to do both like this sometimes 83

Cookie for you if you recognize all the get-ups.
Back from vacation!
Next update will be the title page -- I just happened to have this old thing hanging around mostly coloured, so up it goes in the meantime~
@phantomwolf1583: Oops, sorry for the false impression! I prefer to stick to creature-ish sounds more so than the Pokemon only being able to say their names.

Just a habit ^^;
Oh man.
After next chapter. It'll finally be new scripts..
... This script is so.. .. so ancient.
But we'll be charging on ahead!

... not so much in the near future though, 'caaaause I'm going on vacation the next few weeks.

So, see ya in about a month, probably~ <3 ... or next week if I manage somethin' prior~
He finally makes himself known, and Rika's suspicions are confirmed.

One more page 'til end of chapter!

... I really like drawing this dude .__. fluffy pink haired dastard. . .

edit;; haha apparently I thought we were at chapter 8 for some reasons these past few pages o_o

A day later than intended but still doing better than a month between updates @w@;; So I'll take it!

Two more pages til end of chapter!~
He's smiling?? without smirking at the same time??

(seriously that panel was weird to draw haha)

Hey! If you haven't already, have a look at my news post! Cameos would be delicious c:
Kind of lackluster colouring this week, sorry @__@
My colouring in general has been hit n miss D8 mehhh.

Anyway. Onward, onward... Aaand time for bed /flees