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Good looking guy presented in a close-up on the cover page.

Is Evon gonna have revenge sex with this one too?
And of course, Evon is not gonna want to believe that Hero hates cleo or something.
This incentive makes me happy

it'S what we all want.
this pictures makes me very happy.
I thiink the clothes fitting will distract her from asking questions more than food!

it is Evon after all.
celtic swords
I'm pretty much gaul on both sides of the family, which is pretty cool, the gauls were a brave lot. Their sword is kinda ornate, for an ancient design. And I just love the long hexagonal shield.
@Mr. Wax
Nah. Female nipples do. x3 (and not your terms, photobucket's.)
I'm afraid the incentive picture breached the terms of use of your hosting service and was removed. :P
Oh! I totally know what you mean! There's totally going to be some waist holding when he shows how to take the stance. :D

Also Britt, now that you talked about it like shopping, I can barely wait x3 I sense a montage.
Agh, why'd it have to be feffiroff? x3
Cameos uh?
I'm interested!
will these do? colours/markings body type occupation
Anybody notice she's wearing Hero's cape? :D
His rape face
he's showing us it
Another absurd whim I've had while looking at Hero in a totally heterosexual way: he doesn't wear armour, shouldn't he have at least few scars here and there?
da-yum, not even trying to be subtle. XD
I smell some fanservice for the ladies.
soo would have want ed to see evon's reaction to the "I just work for you" line. XD
You should probably know she'll expect money in exchange.
That's a prostitute, son. :P
what's with all the bears, seriously? :P
Just saying. it's "beau"