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I'm a pretty normal kid.
Wow an update! LOL. This happened at a school club. Awk.
Omg I found this randomly on my computer and decided to upload it LOL. This was back in freshman year.

I'm now going to be in senior year.

Hi everyone. I'm back. Sorry for the long hiatus. c:
@Pareidolia: Nah she deleted the pic, thank god lol
Wooo, so much has happened. This event actually happened back in September. Too much to catch up on, but I'm trying my best!
Does anyone remember the strip "On the Next LoA.."?

I wanted to post an LoA of what Lan and Nanaka knew that I dint, but I got lazy! Plus, Moetan already told me.

Nanaka asked Moetan if she really liked me because she dint want to give me false hopes. Moetan said, "I used to." Moetan also told my friend Mui, who also knew. When I asked Nanaka why she liked me, Moetan replied, "Because he understood me," referencing to the day I shed a tear for her. I think that strip was called "5.31.11"

But when Nanaka asked why she "stopped", Moetan replied with "hormones." :T

Then the day I asked Moetan if she liked me, I realized that Nanaka, Lan, and Mui all knew what the answer was the whole time.
I talk more about LoA on deviantart.
I use my youtube for LoA (or other) parodies.
Simple sketches are posted on tumblr.

Just in case y'know you wanna watch me on dA, sub me on youtube, or follow me on tumblr....-winkwink- ;)
Guys I don't even know anymore... MOETAN Y U SO CONFUSING //sobcrybawl
I made sure we were alone after school, told her to put down her backpack, and I hugged her and said:

"Idiot. When you want a hug, ask me in person. By the way...what's your translation of 'aitai'?"

She replied, "I want to see you."
Me, Moetan, Jun, Sothy, and Michi decided to go to the carnival last minute.
I'll miss the times you lose bets to me and end up buying me food, 'Dear Uncle.'

I think we're going to the same college tho trolololol
So graduation for seniors are on May 24th...

They all go up to me and like "YOU GUNNA MISS US HAR"

Like hell I'll miss you >:T

Especially Andy, the asswipe that teases me about moetan all the time and hits me with his umbrella everyday.

....Yeh, I'll miss you guys.
I sleep in english class, one of the hardest classes with the strictest teacher.
Dear SJ,

I was raped in a corner by Moetan today, and we were literally that close, if not closer.

Love, Amu.

(We're starting to do this on a daily basis now...)
I was GOING to say that but I dint so yey happy fun time rockband Sesame Street style!
To summarize, I got raped back and forth. There were lots of perfomances which was cool. And party party party to loud music in the dark with cool light thingies.
This whole shenanigan happened a while ago btw.
You gotta tell me your secret bro.
She doesn't even know I'm drawing these comics LOL. Unless you're asking if she's a fob. Then yes but not really, she speaks perfect english but her grammar can get a little ehh at times.
If you're wondering about what I'm saying, it's the poem I wrote on the card. lol.
Remember the carnation I sent anonymously to Moetan? Well it was stuffed in the locker and eventually died. When my friend picked it up Moetan did say not to break it.

Later in the day I found the flower piece on the floor, where I accidentally stepped on it. It ended up being broken anyway.

I was supposed to confess a couple days ago. Never did. Not that I chickened out. I was really eager to. There's always something or somebody in the way. And Moetan's always walking away.

Then I started being a dick and it seems that Moetan's sort of catching on that I'm pissed. Not that these are the only reasons why.

I wonder if it hurts you? :)