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Hallo there sirs and ma'ams. I am Hiroshi, call me Hiro for short. Or Henry. I made this account because I am a co-author in BlushingSkunk's Comic: In A Stranger's Bed. I made this so she doesn't seem like a complete psychopath who starts arguments with herself and art constantly changes.
On that note, I must tell you that I am no artist. Just a writer. Well, yes that is an artist of sorts, but I don't draw. I mess up stick figures. Drawing is just not my forte. So don't expect any art coming from me. Just stories.
And of course again on that note, if you want to collab, I'm more than happy to do so. :3 I have a lot of ideas I'd like to see in comic form but seeing as I can't draw, I need to hire someone who can. i.e: you.
I'm pretty decent if you get to know me, and aren't deterred my sarcastic and occasionally bastardish ways.
Side note, I am quite aware that it's supposed to be "DeuS Ex Machina" but usually it's taken so I do that little change and so far no one has even noticed. xD So think of it as "twice from the machine" :P
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bandanna. Because,
Dake with facial hair just looks weird to me. It's so bright! haha
story of my life
Looks like my hair in the morning.
The vote incentive just made me spit all over the screen laughing.
look at that koala cling.
So adorable. >w<
oh goodness
i'd die if my parents spoke about me that way. xD;;

and yay puppy! 8D cute doggy!
Normally, I like more clean shaven guys.. but.. gotta say:
Hot Damn.
oh goodness, I love that anime. xD I had such a thing for Yokou Kurama or whatever the fuck his name is. xD lulz. And this other guy who comes later in the series but I completely forgot his name. haha!

and Ariel should wander around the castle anyways 8D
So I started reading the bubble, then I spotted Malachi's cock out of the corner of my eye and I stared at it for a good 5 minutes before finishing the rest of the comic page.
those eyes
They're kinda scary... xD;;
I hope he gets his hug. D:
at first, i was like.. zombie wtf and then i read the last panel and i was like OOOMMG ZOMBIE!

then the title sank in. xD
Ooooh Elliot can give me that look any day ;D
lawl buttsniffing.
That picture is so adorable.
And Elliot is GAWJUS.
the pain!
Oohh someone else who loves torturing their characters for plot's sake - or just for shits and giggles. >w>
*jaws music*
My uncle likes to pop up behind couches as well... ._.;;It's scarier though because most of my couches are almost against the wall. I'm not sure how he gets back there.

As for the tornados, I'm weirded out by that too. D: Makes me glad I live in Northern California/Bay Area. o3o;;
I love it >w<
Oh noes!
Poor Tommy.

I broke my glasses once, but there was no tape. So I wrapped paper around the side tightly and stapled it. xD