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Peoples computer monkey :I;;;
March 21st, 2014
I forgot how much i loved TM ;u; i hope you finish it finally and i get to see the ending. On a side note i honestly forgot how much of a laugh Henry is!
February 17th, 2012
@Andrea C.Castro: hey -A- thats a pretty jackassy move kid, if i where you i'd quit that befor a mod grabs you and bans you faster then your ass spams that comment >n>
February 15th, 2012
Way to celebrate valentines day margo =U= hussy~~~
December 16th, 2011
*throws page*


something about enjoying the page, followed by a witty comment about said page- or something like that
October 29th, 2011
Guys im really sorry about how messed up updates have been- i'd give you a date you can expect them to get back to normal but i just dont know yet D: > im trying my best to get it all done but life likes to sick it's big face in the way =3= so sorry again

Happy friday guys~
October 20th, 2011
I cant say sorry enough for how irregular everything is right now- but there's alot going on D: > so its kind of hard to stay on top of things ;3; hopefully when things calm down, updates will return to normal!

Happy Wednesday guys~
October 12th, 2011
Im really sorry, but life just keeps happening ;A; im so sorry, i'm trying to keep on top of posting but it just doesn't seem to want to happen right now ;n;

anyway ;3; happy wednesday guys
October 3rd, 2011
=n= about the pages- i was sick, life happend.... its just not my year right now =u=;; i promise i'll get my shit together and get the pages out properly D: <

Happy monday guys ;u;
September 29th, 2011
I understand you may have been wondering where the page was this monday- well i considered doing posts all this week, but wednesday till next wednesday seemed like a better idea =U=

So there you are kiddies D: < you're getting a page, every day till next wednesday- maybe even friday D8<

happy wednesday guys~
September 24th, 2011
=3= Thomas is a little bit... special huh >u>

Happy friday guys~~
September 22nd, 2011
=3= i know i've been pretty flaky the past month or so guys but i am getting my shit together D: < and this will start going on like normal again soon =n=

I am sorry for the lack of updates, i'll make it up someway DX<

Much love, you guys are all amazing ;U;

Happy wednesday guys~~
September 10th, 2011
>> i begin a job, think it will make me realise what day of the week it is- how about no =u=;;; im starting to think about making the updates automatic D: < tell me your oppion guys!

Happy (late) friday guys!
September 5th, 2011
=u= is it just me, or is margo a bit of a hussy >U>

And happy monday =u=
August 29th, 2011
ffff- i asked Gaara to post a page on wednesday >u>;; and i got confused with my days and thought friday was thursday and so on... so again- im so sorry pages didn't happen, i dont know why D: < i did so well posting them now im just kind of =n= out of the groove...

anyway D: <

Happy Monday Guys
August 24th, 2011
;//U//; thank you all so much for the comments ;U; you guys are amazing! Really ;U; thank you so much- as a little thank you, not only will i be posting mon-fri, i'll post pages saturday and sunday too ;U;

you guys are amazing ;u; and we love you all~~

August 23rd, 2011
Oh Thomas =u= you so weak~ let Mister Margo do all the work~~

Happy tuesday guys~
August 23rd, 2011
Sorry guys XD i got a new job and its got me all confused as what day is what- but tomorrows my day off so i'll scedule a bunch of pages to go out every day this week ;u; sorry about everything

Happy monday guys~
August 17th, 2011
>> i did, infact, put this page up on monday but i've been having internet issues so that might explain why it didn't go up =n= which is annoying

Happy wednesday guys~
August 13th, 2011
*throws page*
*runs away*

Happy friday guys!
August 10th, 2011

Happy wednesday guys~~~