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Happens to me too unu BUT OH HEY! OLA 8D Olha sou aquela moça que passou pela banca no sabado e te perguntou se tinas um webcomic XD Estava de saia e vestida de preto e assim C:
Already got my copy of Volume 1! Just waiting for it to come in the mail! OwO I would have get the second one too but that will have ti stay for another date :C Either way I am happy to be getting at least one chapter and to help <3 You deserve it.
Just a really quick comment because I was about to go out when I saw the update but the first thing I thought after finishing to read the update was: "Oh hey! Now they have matching hairstyles! 8D"

This was later followed by all the other theories I will muse about later OwO Either way! Gotta go! Keep up witht he good work!
So seems like I once again got detached from smackjeeves for a while. Sometimes I just really don't feel like logging in for some reason but either way, I am back! Back and to, wow, quite the amazing update!

First of my comment this time will probably be all over the place as I am writing this with too little hours of sleep but I just couldn't refrain myself from doing so anyways. This is most likely my favorite webcomic out there so I get all excited for all sort of updates and can't help but to drool over your really amazing story telling skills. Needless is to say that the art looks as unique and attractive as ever and (in case I had never told you this) the coloring tones you use are just perfect. I don't think I could see this in any other form now.

Either way and now onto the actual update, I need to say it got me stuck to the screen all the way to the end of the chapter and once more the characters are as real as ever, especially, this time around, Sasha and Ruthie because they both clearly suffer from heartbreak in this few pages. We have seen that he did have a thing for Blythe so it's just normal for him to react with jealousy toward Blake in this situation plus defend Ruthie and Janey (In al his right). After all what right does Blythe have to speak so ill of them when she too is dating a Hipster which is someone she is against. I guess I am with Sasha in this one. (That last page though OnO Just makes me want to hug and hush him. </3)

On the other hand maybe it wasn't all that good for Blake to know what was going on with Sasha since wow, his face after knowing that screams "Not good" and if the group was to really break like it just had done back at the cafe they were in it wouldn't surprise me all that much. In fact it would be good to see Sasha move on from Blythe and for Ruthie to get the attention she deserves but then again, life was never that easy was it now?

However I can still see Blythe's side though. It's not her fault Sasha has a crush on her and she should be free to date whoever she wants so she shouldn't really be blamed for all the faults here. In fact I have said before that I get her and how hard it might actually be to be her and how hard it is to have to deal with someone that is in love with you but you just simply can't share the same feeling. Yet, on the same line comes Ruthie though in this case Blake is half at fault since he leaded her own instead of not feeding her crush so while it's not all his fault it certainly isn't her's as well. Aaaaaaah love is just a deal way to big to dwell in so I should probably shut up now after this long essay OTL.

I always write too much. Fact.

ANYWAYS- Continue with the great work! Can't wait for more! (PS: I might have or not have drawn Sasha and Blythe and Blake -sort of- a few weeks ago but as they were drawn mainly by memory they are in need of some redoing uwu"")
Oh wow, I am honored
Going back to your last reply to start with: First of all, wow, it does feel good to know someone you admire has such high opinion on you. QuQ I would even be lying if I said I did not squeal for a few minutes after reading what you wrote! Hell! I am still squealing now as I write this XD Yet, I wouldn't say my knowledge on comics is that good though. I guess I just know somethings in theory as I have never ever managed to get more than a 4 pages comic done in my whole life D:

In second place, I should feel ashamed (and I actually do) for never having gotten those hipster clothing designs done! Even more since I had promised them! Guess I will just try to do them next week and since I do indeed draw to answer your other question, I might as well try to get the fanart I have been wanting to do for this amazing piece of art done! I had been wanting to do something to honor this comic since way behind, as in when it was pretty much at it's start when compared to how far it has gotten now, but I am too lazy and at that time I did not trust my skills enough. It's funny to think of how this has been around for a long time now OuO

Anyways, and skipping ahead to the actual update: The theme of vampires is just one thing that couldn't have fitted better and actually that is totally something that I would think of Sasha bringing up and saying in the first place. For some reason he just gives out that vibe of someone that actually has his mind filled with "shower thoughts" all the time but I might as well be wrong ^^"
It's amazing how you showed the reaction of everyone around, especially in this page since the look on Ruthie's face is priceless and could haven't fitted her personality any better! Same goes for Janey
Even Gareth which is a character we don't know that much about I already had the feeling he would have to go and ask something along those lines. From the little we actually know he really does seem spontaneous enough for that so I think the work you did in this new pages from the art to what is actually happening is just down to earth perfect!

Now I guess I will just have to wait for a new updated to come around so that perhaps I/we can see this new characters you talked about last update and by the looks of it they will be Gareth's friends which just makes it all the more exciting and needless is to say that I will be eagerly waiting for it!

Keep with the great work and thank you for using part of your time to actual deliver this to us! <3

NOTE: Sasha looks like a really fine piece of meat with those sexy sunglasses. Couldn't keep myself from adding this. XD
It's so sad that all good things in life end
I would love to see this going on forever because it's just brilliant but all good stories come to an end and it's just logical this one does too, though I hope it really won't be that soon quq (Maybe if we are lucky you will gift us with a new one after this!)

Either way, I don't have much to say today except that I am totes excited for the new characters and all the drama that is going to come our way! 8D That and that I just couldn't help but squeal over Blythe and Blake because they really were sweet in those last pages! It's funny how the first letter even matches too! XD

Also, wow, I am amazed at myself for having gotten that right about the characters on last comment but it's just I /really/ like this comic so I tend to pay too much attention C': You do an amazing job showing and presenting the characters to us though so it's no surprise! And I totally get that whole thing of building up the image of someone in our head even if it doesn't truly match reality later on and yes, that really does happen to everyone at a certain point in time! quq

Aaaaaah and you are welcome and thank you too for your great work! Will be excitedly waiting for the next update! >u<
It's really nice to be back! 8D
I love getting some more of this on my inbox after having checked it so little ago, it's truly one way to cheer up my day because as usual: Great development, story telling and art.

IT'S GREAT TO SEE RUTHIE HAVE FUN! Hope to see her happy some more times from now on too ;u; It would be nice for her to get over Blake even if she really wasn't into him in such way to start with.

But moving on to other topics, allow me to just ramble a bit:

First of all, I can actually see why Blythe doesn't really want to date and Blake and her reasons are totally understandable. I mean she looks like the sort of girl that just has that aura that fascinates others and probably attracts a lot of people so it's no surprise that there is already two characters falling head over wheels for her. Though while being this sort of person (and her mysterious aura even attracts me too, to say the truth) at first can or could be fun it gets annoying after a while: A girl that dates a guy just for the sex is one without character and Blythe isn't one of those so it's totally normal for her to reject Blake even though he is so "WOW LOOK AT ME I AM AWESOME WHY WON'T YOU DATE ME???".

On the other hand though, maybe Blake, for once, doesn't want to date Blythe /just/ for the sex since he does show a huge fascination for what she is and not exactly for what she can offer. He is in love (or at least he believes he is) so it is also normal he /wants/ to date the girl he likes, right?
The problem with Blake though is that while he is indeed human and we all fuck up, he has done so way too many times and earned himself that image that Blythe sees him by.

It's a sad truth but what you do usually comes back to hunt you one way or another but even so, I'd like to see Blake prove he isn't the guy Blythe thinks he is and he is probably going to do so right after this page. Either that or get angry and say some stupid things. (Damn you for leaving us in such cliffhanger!)

Actually there is a lot that is still waiting to be said but I am sure you will get there eventually C: <3

Keep up with the good work! :D
It's been so long
Wow I don't know what happened but I totally lost track of Smackjeeves during the summer and just today I managed to bring myself to open it again and actually check on updates and I'd be lying to say I hadn't been thinking of where this comic had gone in the meanwhile!

It turned on so nicely until the moment and Sacha is just adorable and he and Ruthie really would make one interesting couple if that is ever to happen but hey, even if it isn't, the characters in the over all still developed amazingly!
I would like to see more of Blythe though, to see what is her story but I bet you have got that prepared for us somewhere along the way C:

Either way, everything Blake does couldn't make more sense to me, he really does seem human as he walks around and screws up in what could seem to be the most weird ways but in fact things like that do happen.

Wow, I just missed so much but at least now I will be back to keeping daily track of the updates and I just wish I could actually get the books and help with the kickstarter because this is surely something I would /love/ to have on my collection ;u;

Keep up with the good work!
I do have to admit that when I saw the NSFW written in the name of the last page I immediately clicked it first and I gotta say I screamed "RUTHIE OMG" right before I went back to read ALL the update and wow I am not sure if that caught me of surprise or not! XD
Because, well, there are this two sides to Blake: One being the sweet one and the second being the fact he just sleeps around and has all the one night stands and this last part is what it makes this not so much of a surprise.
But anyways! Ruthie is probably gonna be so heartbroken after this! But don't worry! Take your time to plan out for the next chapter, he will forgive you for leaving us hanging like this as long as somewhere in the future we get to know what happens! XD
ANYWAYS! Once again! Keep with the fabulous work!
I was just about to go to sleep my self when I saw this update! 9 beautiful pages of update! And it couldn't be better!
You really are great at characters and story telling seriously but I will stay by here as I am quite tired myself and my brain isn't in the right place.
Keep with the great work tho!
First things first, the new banner of the comic looks amazing! I kinda of gasmed when I saw it in my favorite lists along wit this update! It's seriously beautiful! Great work there!
Another thing is that I truly love the way you organize the panels in the comic pages! It really shows the movement and everything!
Really, it's great that you are back! Love to see some updates from time to time, it lightens up my week, especially because you always post a bunch of amazing pages! I love to stare and droll at your style! <3
Keep with the great work!
E com isto acabo de me apreceber que és portuguesa porque ainda a coisa de minutos isto me passou pelas maos no MangaPT. Ah pois é. 8D
Don't worry about that sweetie! Of course it's nice to find the updates on our inboxes but we to understand your situation! SO don't worry to much about it, I, at least, will still be here waiting for your come back! 8D
One a second note I'd totally commission you! I love your style and all! Thing is I need to get some money in my paypal account first XD unless you want to receive the money in a letter! But yeah <: Let's see what I can do and GOOD LUCK ! <3
That fanart really is the coolest thing! Couldn't help but stare at it for a while in awe! o_o <3
But anyways, no, it's not slow at all! D8 It gives it the enough time for us to get to know the character better and look at your amazing art!
But seriously, your characters kill me. They seem to be so well planned and so full of well, they feel so human =w= it's so easy to fell apathy toward them and that is a great thing ;u; <3
REALLY can't wait for more as usual XD <3

And on a second note, yes I do have a art blog, that and a dA account but I haven't been updating them much D: Just three more days of school and I will be able to, though! But anyways will leave the kinks here if you want to: and
The longer it goes the more awesome it seems to get and actually gets! Jesus! Such a huge cliff hanger right here! What am I even going to do with my life while I wait for more updates (Even more now that I have nothing to do all week)?
Anyways, still as great as always and it's so awesome to see the growing number of fans 8D as well as all the fanart you really deserve! Gotta get down sometime to do some as well!
And I haven't forgotten about saying I was gonna draw some hipster summer clothes designs! I just... Procrastination is stronger than me D8
But I will get it done! I surely will =w= so you keep up with the great work!
This guy....he is becoming one of my favorite character. I mean who is the guy that can go down on a girl like that and just goes like "I don't want to". Surely an interesting guy but that just fits all your characters as they are all pretty much unique and really nice to read about! C: HAPPY SAINT VALENTINE'S DAY FOR YOU TOO!
This new character and Blake's reaction....seems promising! eve Can't wait for what comes next because they both seem to know each other but something is going on. Eh eh.
And anyways I have promised my self I would do some sketches of hipster like clothing in summer for you so expect them sooner or later 8D
I just hope my huge laziness kicks in OTL
Yeah Christmas is right around the corner! 8D And yes, it sure is hard to dress in summer in a hipster way but not impossible! ouo/
Anyways I do agree with Amante because maybe Blake is afraid of relationships? Maybe? But he and Ruthie would do such a nice couple if it worked out ;u;!
Well glad to see updates and MERRY CHRISTMAS! 8D
December 9th, 2011
Sending good vibes!
Hey :) First of all I just wanna say I love this comic to dead and think it's such a waste not many people pay attention to it while they do to much smaller comics that don't have 5% of what this one does. Really, it's amazing and I really love your art style and it's nice to see how it has evolved with the years 8D
Also it's great you have found time to do more pages cause by the time I finished reading it/found it you were kinda of an hiatus so my heart skipped a beat when I started seeing updates on my dash since good, I couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next!
And to finish, I hope you keep up with the great work and hope your readers, including me, are lucky enough to see this going for a great while longer!
Damn, Can't wait to see what is gonna hppen in this new chapter!! >u<
December 6th, 2011