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Age is 17
Location is near Tornado Alley
Height is average
Weight could stand to go down just a little
Nicknames are South and Tsu-chan. Nice to meet you.
Deviantart name is SouthpawSister
Fanfiction penname is TheFinalCountdown

I have too many ideas.

Possible projects? I have one.

Title: Crossing the Line
Genre/Category: Pretty miscellaneous. Will include short stories, 4komas, etc. Slice of life/humor/frienship/school life/family etc. etc etc.
Basic info: Revived version of a comic strip I did in elementary/middle school. Since I still love the characters so much I may as well keep using them. Originally the comic centered around three triplets, but their ages are set to be different now.
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    Most people call me Southy.
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Seriously though
Really though, poor Emily :'D
I haven't had to deal with bullies since early middle school, and even then, since all the grades at my school were mashed together I had my brothers around.

Emmmmmiiillyyyyy D':