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I'm sooooo sorry
hey you guys, I know I haven't forgot about yah. I have been getting the worst amount of luck my coumputers lately.So As soon as I can I will post Nick's intro.

BTW I'm so loving these pages you guys got so far. Keep up the good work.
What about teachers? Anyway we all need come together and talk about these things; maybe at the forums?

@FairehMoon : I think moving the refs would make things a little bit neater.

@Sempi: You got jokes now hum. XP
O.O That is a good question Dolores.
Funny i diden't know you are on DA.I should watch you.
i love the colors
It's fine with me. Your style kind of reminds me of Mother ( Earth Bound).
To lovet242 and flynfreako: thanks for the comments. I appreciate it.
Nick Tanaka
Here he is. My first Character Nick.

Sorry that it was late. I had to study for finals.

I'll fix everything later...I'm going to bed.
To Lovet242
YouÂ’ll see around this week or so.

To Dolores
You will have to ask jamjamcookie12 and find out.
nice job
you are welcome.
I love how unique your comic is .
nice cover