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Sorry for the lack of updates. I thought I would stick a Friday update out there to make up for it. XD I was preparing for Expo, but now that's over, and there's no more conventions for me until next year! So back to drawing stuff then :D
Apologies for not updating last week! I had a dentist appointment, which makes me anxious as hell :( then some other crap happens. But oh well, here's a new page! :D
Aw yeah, got the page done in time! :D Here we go!
After the longest break ever....
I bet you thought I was dead! No way!

I am tentatively going to try updating on Tuesdays. I have no buffer, so this is gonna be fun! :D Eek!
Better late than never :(
I'm going to switch to one page a week for a while. Sorry about this guys. Should be temporary :) I hope! Will be updating on Tuesdays :D
Whew, here is the page I should have finished last week. :) Life is hectic atm. If it doesn't clear up soon, I might have to switch to once a week. :( I will do my best to avoid that though!
Sorry this is late. D: Crap~
Ohhh I've been so slack lately. :D Sorry. Thanks for comments everyone! Still warming up to grabbing time back from my commute. (Maybe I should get an iphone just so I can reply to people on the train!)

Oh look, they ran out of time. Awwwww!

@Krista: Thanks! Heh, I have fun drawing it. :) The title was just something silly I thought of. Sorta gently unconventional, like waking up on Sunday afternoon. :D
...And normal service is resumed. :D
Apologies for the not so great quality. Getting used to a looong commute. :D
I've got a really busy week this week, but I'm going to do my best to stay on schedule (it'll be hard! XD )
So much stuff!
Firstly, I've started uploading another comic of mine to the internet. :D Bell Ringers is a comic which has been in print for a while, but as I decided to continue the story, I've started serialising it online as motivation. It updates on Mondays and Thursdays. (Hope I can keep that up when my buffer runs out!)

Also, a while back more of my comics went on sale. You can buy them from Sweatdrop! Most notable are Sushi And The Beginning Of The World, Fantasma, or if you want something smaller, Sunny's Field. There's about 400 pages between all those! (Bell Ringers 1 and 2 are on sale as well.)

Yeah, one more week and then it's back to work for me! Extended Christmases do win!

@Theorah: Don't feel bad XD I should have explained, ikebana is Japanese flower arranging. (The things I learn from Katamari Damacy...)
New old comic! :D I drew the first issue of Bell Ringers in 2007. It was originally meant as a one shot, but I continued it when I ended up with more ideas. Currently you can buy issues one and two from Sweatdrop, if you can't be bothered to wait for them to upload. :D
Happy New Year everyone! (Wheee, it's a space year! Again.)
Merry Christmas everyone! If you're reading this, hope you're having a good time and got some good presents :)
B-but if Kyra went with him, this would be a totally different kind of comic XD

Hehe nice stuff. :) Loving all the extra bits!
One week until Christmas!
It's been a long time! Thanks for the comments everyone. Glad the teacher is popular. XD

I'm a bit late writing, as I've been busy doing Christmas stuff and making a game. Did some Christmas shopping today, in the snow! (Which I think made it much quieter than usual in town. Lucky!)

Haha, I get so cheesy about Christmas. I wish I'd started this comic earlier so I could do a cheesy Christmas special. Maybe next year when there are lots more characters. XD