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Mamoru's face!


It brings me joy. ahjgskah Frizzy you are genius.
I have been most horrible about commenting, and I'm sorry for that because damn if I don't just love you and your comic!

This is stunning! Mina is civilian and still kicking asses and taking names! AND looking gorg while doing it!

Kunzite's face! YEAH BUDDY! SHE'S BAMF! Deal with it!

Also you can't do anything to Usagi because that would take Mamoru out of the bet and we can't have that! (Even if he manages to successfully take himself out of the running most days...)

This is epic and you are awesome!
Haruka FTMFW! Oh, how I love her! And you! This just gets better and better, and Neph is an endless fountain of amusement! The poor bastard, but his face. AHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA!
LMAO! I love the last panel more than I can possibly express in words.
Can "OMG Zoisite you manwhore" be canon? Pleasepleaseplease?

I'm so excited for all the stuff happening, and going to happen! *glee*
I love Kunzite, almost as much as I love Fieldmouse Pudding.

The flowers are pretty, he should name them after Minako. :P
*raises hand*

How could you do that to me? *sniffle*

I DEMAND SOMEONE GETS A HAPPY ENDING (and no, not *that* kind)
Awwwwwwww! *sniffle* That's so sweet!

I love their faces in the last panel. <3
Not to be shallow or anything, but all of the guys are looking *really* good!

And don't worry about the updates, you can't rush genius!
I'm a horrible lurker... this comic is CLASSIC! And you are seriously awesome.

Congrats on the milestone! I can't wait for more! :D