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Oh wow, I am really excited to see where this comic goes now! :D I'll keep an eye on it for sure!
Ohhhhh shit. That can't be good. Either we've got someone else in here, or Eva does NOT like leaving any witnesses behind.
ITS is Moving!
I'm moving the comic to ComicFury because it's an amazing host :D There's actually a lot of places you can visit it at, I just listed a couple of them up there. All the links are below: , , , ,

I'll have to get a new layout and whatnot done for this new site, I'm afraid, but for now thanks for bearing with me!
Either that or the Intergalactic Truckstop hangar is notoriously difficult to undock from. Nobody knows :O
...Spoke too soon.
I had to throw this joke in, I honestly couldn't help it.
A Clear Thinker...
Chaz always makes sure to at least offer a drink to a customer, that way he can't be yelled at for not selling anything. |3

Also, I know Victor mentions that it's the last leg of his tour even though I already said he was returning home. XD I figure his homecoming trip counts as the last leg, though.
Wrapping Up
Who knew Victor Chance toured with his pit crew? Do you even need a pit crew for hoverboard racing? Probably not, but they're his best buds so they travel with him whether it's an AG-Car race or a hoverboard tour. :3

That desert Itanta in the second panel is just a guy I made up on the spot. His name's Tenner, he helps refuel and repair ships in the Hangar, but the Quargon pit crew guy seems to have stumped him with some fairly advanced maintenance jargon.
Chaz really wants that Employee of the Month thing. D:

Originally for the first panel of this strip I was gonna have Chaz standing on a box as a callback, but I just could not get the box to look right perspective-wise, so I just lowered the bar (It's a sci-fi bar, it raises and lowers depending on the average height of the customers and the bartender combined, to make serving shorter and taller races easier XD)
Back on Track
Chaz finally gets back to the topic of why Victor's here. :3
Speaker For Yourself

Originally for this page I was going to have Chaz have a little digital mouth that he's normally too shy to show, but I thought that might be a bit too big a change to the design. XD here's what his digi-mouth would have looked like.
That's a good question, Roy. His fur isn't really programmed to grow, it's sort of set at a fixed floofiness. His hair is sort of set at that fixed length and will simply regrow if it's cut, however there are ways (Which I have not fully figured out yet) for him and other GELFs to change hairstyles if they really want to.
This is one question I get asked a lot regarding Chaz GELF. I'm going to try and answer it to the best of my ability next week. \o/
Chaz likes driving videogame cars when he's not busy working the bar. :3 He's terrible at it, though.

Also PERSPECTIVE. HOW DOES I DO. orz I am not good at this yet.
Chaz is disappointed to find that Victor isn't a real live race driver. D: but test driving cars is just as fun |3
In The Fluff
Chaz is both surprised that Victor Chance is here, and confused because he was just watching his team's performance on a TV show. :3 Victor is not sure where this is going, and Chaz has no concept of pre-recorded television (He still thinks that everything happening on the TV is actually happening and happening live all the time. He doesn't watch much TV, he just discovered by mistake that his bar has a TV in it a couple weeks ago.)
Noise Confusion
Chaz's antennae are quite sensitive, which you'd think would make him better at hearing. That's partly true. In near silence he can pick up very faint sounds quite easily, but it works against him too - in a noisy environment, say a truckstop, the mashup of noises can make it hard for him to pick up stuff. Who's docked? Find out next week :3
Arc 12 START!
Yes, Chaz has a little TV hidden in his bar counter, he watches stuff on it when there's no customers around. He's really into racing and car shows, in particular. He's a bit of a fan of the predominantly Itanta racing team, VC Tuning.

Horrible puns all over the place, whee~
Industrial Silly Putty
And that marks the end of the no-holds barred Cocktail Mixers arc. :D Back to plot next week!

This page features a special guest appearance from a friend's character (Actually a ditto known as "Bubblegum"). They gave me this idea way back when I was first starting the comic, and I said I'd include it someday, so here you go BG! :D
Bartender Confessions 3: Mistakes
Anyone can try their hand at mixing Quargon drinks. Only a <s>fool</s> VALHALLA-type GELF can try their hand at mixing them twice.

That's the last Bartender Confessions strip for now, I'll have one more one-shot comic and then it's back to plot!
Bartender Confessions 2: Drink Testing
Every Friday night Jehrato's passed out behind the bar from one too many "testing" sessions. He loves it. :3c