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Uh, hi there, my avatar is of one of my original characters, Sola the Mew. More about her can be found on my DA account.
I love you for remaking my childhood game!!!
I'm getting both! And then I'm going to eat Oreos and play the game. *brick'd*
I would like the anime more if Ash didn't have short-term memory loss. DX
I totally saw that coming! :D
Yeaaaaaaaah! That's why I love it so much!
Hee hee, so true. Ash really is naive.
@Sandblaster: He means rewind.

I've never played that game, what do you do?
The world may never know.
Why would Chuck be in a doghouse?
That cloud is still following him! D:
Look away Pup, look away!
XD Don't worry cloud, I like you.
Is it going to rain now?