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I want to be a comic artist and am doing so sort of slowly. Other than that, I'm still looking for that decent job to sustain me and that point in my life I can call comfortable.

I'm married, have no kids and currently have a great joy of that fact. I essentially just want to meet people and share stories.
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I remember when I was in art school; I think it broke more people than I could count on both hands. Myself included. And I went to a fairly small university.
Don't worry guys. Alex is really going to start feeling better soon. He just really needed to get some stuff off his chest.
Haha, either Eel eats a lot or that was some of the best Chinese food ever.
And now Alex is letting it all out. Honestly, he's had a lot of shit happen recently so it was bound to come out one way or another.
Sian. You are a dick.
Also I can't believe book 2 is almost at 100 pages. I don't know how long this book is going to be or how much shorter/longer it will be relative to book 1, but I still have a bit more story to tell! Exciting!
Today has been such a sad day that I thought updating would help me feel better. And here, the truth starts coming out slowly for the guys.
So to begin, I'm very happy to be posting again! I've missed updating and have quite a few buffers ready for the next few months!
But you know what guys? I feel really silly because I went on hiatus on all my comics but somehow failed to mention that on this one. Whoops. Really, I could have sworn I made a post about going on hiatus until after the New Year like I did with all my other comics but looks like that was a fever dream and I never did.
Sorry about that! But now I'm back and I'll be updating either Sunday or Monday or Tuesday. That's the range of updates. My goal is to maybe update more than once a week if I can swing it!
I hope I didn't scare many of you away!
I'm not sure if you meant to but it doesn't look like this page was uploaded! Might want to double check! :D
Sorry everyone for vanishing again. It's been a hectic two weeks.
My pet rat passed away, I was finishing up the last pages of another comic I am working on, work has been busy as per usual, and I had absolutely no buffers for the comic. But fortunately now, everything has seemed to settle down and I have at least 3 more weeks worth of pages for the time being. I will do my best to update on Sundays or Mondays once again.

Thanks for sticking around!
Sorry everyone, I would have uploaded this last night but had a bit of a family crisis happen.
Still recovering from it but I thought in the very least I could get this page to you all.
I worked on buffers so I should have these out a little faster.
Super sorry guys I haven't updated in so long! I came back from my vacation and work had me running ragged for the first two weeks I was back. Since today is my birthday, I had some spare time so what better way to spend my day than to do comic work!
I'm hoping that this will be the last hiatus for the book unless something else happens so I'm going to get back into the groove! Thanks for sticking with me guys!
Sorry everyone about not updating last week! I completely forgot about Father's Day and it just turned out to be a very busy weekend.
I'll probably only be updating once more then I'll be on a brief hiatus! The month of July mostly, probably get back to posting the second week of August. I'll be going out of town for awhile but if I can, I'll sneak a couple pages while I'm gone. If not, I may do a mass post when I come back.
I hope you all are having a good summer so far!
You know, I really want Alex's Silent Hill shirt.
Anyway, continuing the brief interlude between characters until we PARTY FOR HALLOWEEN HELL YES. Sorry I'm really excited for the Halloween party that will take up the last half of book 2.
Have a good day guys!
Kinda sucks to have to go back to a place you really don't want to just to get clothes and crap.

Poor Alex. All you do is angst me up buddy!
We're going to have a tiny montage before we get to the Halloween festivities but then it's a straight shot onward!
Let's face it, this page exists just so I can drop Star Trek puns.

I have no shame.
So, couple things.
I had no buffers at all for the comic, I'm working A TON because I'm going on super special super big vacation in August, and I'm finishing up the first book to a different comic I'm working on so...
I have been busy? But I've got a few more pages at my disposal for FBF before I run out. Gotta fix that!
Anyway. David. Quit being so cute and silly.
There is nothing cuter than a nerd worrying about his nerd date with another nerd. Like really, it's precious.
And now I'm out of pages. Time to get back to drawing.
Big Tip
Hey everyone! See, I told ya I would get back in the groove of things. I had an interview yesterday so that's why I'm updating today. The interview itself went really well so keep your fingers crossed for me!
Only a couple more pages for this chapter and then...HALLOWEEN PARTY HOT DAMN. And I never realized how short this book might end up being. Maybe I can put back in a few scenes I had originally axed... sweet!
Hey everyone! Sorry about vanishing. Went on vacation and have been working on something pretty big. One of my favorite comic publishers is accepting unsolicited submissions which has been my dream for years so I've been working on that. I'll get back to updating now on as close to a regular basis as I can.
Thanks for understanding guys!
Hi everyone! Busy busy busy, as always but at least there's one page for you all!
These boys. So sassy. So smooth.
Hi everyone! My brother's surgery went well and he is out of the hospital and recuperating like a good patient. I haven't had as much time to work on comics as I thought but that's ok; this week was meant to help him out. I go back to work tomorrow (boo) so I thought I would try to update with at least ONE page for you guys.
Also there is nothing better than chill waitresses. They deserve the best tips because, no matter the cuckoo customers that come in, they are always nice. If it were me, I would have thrown those two nutballs out by now.