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Unlike most people here, it lives in Asia, and it doesn't like.

Likes: yaoi, anime, music, language, dogs, sashimi, cats(yeah, go figure),close frenz, chatting, constructive criticism, quiet places, attention(yeah, scorn me all you want) if my brothers could move out, Neji <3 ~squeee~

Dislikes: all celebs, seafood besides fish^^, guys(unless they're with other guys), loud rock music or people, straight peeps(girls more than guys, but still h8z all ov yaz.), the impudent the obnoxious the repulsive & the ignorant, wasabi, little bros. Yeps it h8z lotsa stuff mwahaha

Err... I have nothing to say except school is confiscating my life. I do try to update but yeah, I just wind up online-chatting all the time. Forgiveness please? And I'll force myself to update if i have to.
February 11th, 2009
Lol XD I feels like drawing some fanarts now >w> Maybe after I shove away my homework plate =P

edit: Tis a miracle =w= I actually DID shove away my homework and doodled something XD
February 11th, 2009
You're kidding about people leaving you right? =______=

*glomps second last panel*
Life~~~ He's back XD *almost said she*
Lol Peep is adorable <3 much love
Ah well, chill everyone, BBH you too, please try to understand.

If it's someone too embarrassed of themselves and their logic( aka, in this case, a folly of crude language) to even show their faces in public (heaven knows for good reason, probably the only thing they have done right here) then I guess whatever they spew is not really worth reading.

If I was going to make a gesture as outstanding as it is unbecoming much like the one this guest has already displayed, I guess even if I didn't have an SJ account I'd make one just to show I'm not scared to express what I believe in.

Hence, either this person has an account and doesn't want to be boycotted by the many fans BBH managed to work hard and achieve with all her time and effort, aka is being a chicken and doesn't want us to know who he/she/it is for good reason, bad art, bad record, wanted in 23 states etc and or isn't confident in whatever they are saying, or doesn't have an account and is getting worked up over something that they just happened to stumble over which in my personal opinion is a definite waste of time and energy all the more since they have taken the time and effort to revisit time after time.

I also hereby declare I am permanently over and out of this issue and will not look into it further, hence, response to my statement here will be neglected.

To all readers: Try to understand being a comic artist isn't easy, and that deadlines are hard to stick to.

BBH, I appreciate your work, keep going, we're rooting for you, alright? So keep going ;)
And I was like Le Gasp 2 pages in a day XD
@Makoto Misuharu: I remember that scene XD

lmao, panel 4 is absolute pwnage XD And gosh you're really getting good at drawing profile views 8D
wow, love the way you do profile views of characters now =w=b Love the colossal grin on Death's face in panel 6 too XD
Happy b-dae X3 This page has so much content that really cracks me up XD Oi i am not emo XD You should tell him that maybe changing a set of clothing might help =3
Love the foreshortening you did in that very first page of Juxtapose =D
That's some really nice perspective in panel 4.
Oh, I guess my earlier question has been answered XD Froggie shall be Uke I presume? Huhuu, who says you can't end it that way? Your comic, you can make Froggie maschistic >3 that'd be an amusing turn of events no?
I'm starting to wonder who will be seme >3
He sneaky XD
Haha XD he's kinda like I'll introduce the emo kid first then make my shiny glittering entry XD Awesome work. Done on paper I presume? Much love XD
August 20th, 2008
Haha XD wish I had enough artistic ability to scribble a background like that and get away with it unscathed XD
GAAAH what happened to your old style D8 *le gasp* Haha, I can't really count the number of times I accidentally thought Agony's name was Emo instead XD " I resent that" pwnage XD
LOL for a moment I thought this was fanart XD No offense though, not in my life...-_- I dunno, it looks awesome but it's lost a little of the originality your old style had =/ Or maybe that's just me, I dunno. AND WTF AGONY SMOKES???? Haha XD the coloring/lighting you did on Death's scythe reminds me of SoulEater.
The remake is awesome but you should have kept the oroginal somewhere D8 i miss it so bad, especially Sin and Virtues chapter ;A; But wait... this means we'll be seeing a new version of it, huhuuu >X3 Love it, you the gal(/guy?) hanl

*edit* happy anniversery =3
gwee new page >X3 *glomp-eth* Haha, love the way you did the agony chibi profiles in panels 2 and 3. I was just wondering if normal people would be able to see that paper "kick me i'm emo" cause it'd be kinda freaky watching a piece of paper float around...