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Yoshi the ultimate project
Well, im 17,
Recently i've returned and im more into drawing than spriting but i can return to it. I enjoy making my own characters, own stories and dont mind working with someone. I mostly draw Sonic fan art and if you want me to draw anything, i'll do it for free since im just trying to improve.
I enjoy music(rock and OST of games), running, drawing, role playing (yes, i do that in fb a lot!) so if you wanna chat, pm me and it will be a pleasure to meet new people
Catch ya later
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    prefer if everyone calls me yoshi
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Found this on the internet
It's kinda funny :3
:D im stuck in a mall with god knows how many zombies and i got my trusty camera and crazy weapons to kill them :3
SAI is free but for 30 days, my friend get it to me for free.
:3 i remember this! funny as hell
aahh..Inuyasha...good times.
I found it very cool. Movies and their subtle messages, including disney.
What system do you have it for? I love Nicholai(the soviet russian) and the american. K TO I TO THE A ZOMBITCH! x)
@Fiora aurora: did you just say zombies? I FREAKING LOVE THAT GAME! Nicholai. "out of ammo, maybe i should just drink instead, piss on someone. :D
The only games i ever played was pokemon, star fox, super smash bros and mario kart, recommend away buddy. I got time to play them.
Never play conker bad fur day but im willing to try it, it is that good?
never playde banjo for anything..all i play now is skyrim and super mario 64.
U mind if i can use it for my comic? uy_1.jpg

My costume is the brown one. uy_1.jpg

that's the link for the black and white costume.

that's the one with the brown one.
Some sprites these guys made. So i decide to make some more and i colored them a more brighter!!
Some sprites these guys made. So i decide to make some more and i colored them a more brighter!!