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Roses Ablaze
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I can't get Phoebe to help the film guy. Can anyone help?
It's still Monday for me! :)

Hm, I wonder if Kunzite'll be suspicious or if he'll be too busy moping about how he couldn't protect Minako and Usagi.
Geez, Kunzite, Minako isn't one of your Shitennou.
Aw, I was hoping to see Nephrite at least get hit on the head by that woman. XD

And yay for update schedules!
What does the page title mean/ reference?
Is Hawk refering to the screaming humans or Fish and Tiger's giggliness?
Haha, awkward Helios.
Oh, and happy birthday! :D
AHAHAHAHA I hope she doesn't really think that's the height of fashion.
Are there two guys spying on things from outside the window?
I thought your art was looking cleaner lately.

I have no idea who's on Zoi's shirt. Is it significant to the story?
*looks at title*


What does the background text say, out of curiosity?
Guest, the manga (comic book) version of Beryl had black hair before she was corrupted by Metaria. In the anime (cartoons and movies), she always had red hair. Obviously Frizzy is drawing from the manga here.
Just-woken-up Kunzite is delicious (definitely more delicious than fieldmouse pudding...eww).

Never would have guessed him to be the type to contemplate flowers. Maybe those are moonflowers?
Setsuna x Mamoru fan?
You draw women crying well. Poor girl. :(
Is there color on this page? :D
Hehe, now that the girls have their own bet going, I wonder how they'll feel about these guys backing out? (Although something tells me that fate won't let them get away that easily)
Good "You!" or bad "you!"? Hmmm...
This page appears to be invisible. :(