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    Amanda McLeod
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Hey guys,

It's been a long time since I've updated this comic. Don't worry I haven't forgotten about it, I've been busy taking care of other things in my life.

I'm back with chapter 2 with regular updates on Fridays and maybe an occasional Mondays. Some new things, I�ve been looking at moving the comic onto its own site. This might take a while, so until then it will remain here.

Thanks to all who have stuck with me this long.

Hey guys.

Sorry that its been a while. Recently got a new computer and had a few issues getting everything to work properly. But its all good now and I can proceed with regular updates.

You can also get updates on this comic through Facebook by liking this page.
Hear We Go!
First page!
(Thank you Digimon for that fun song.)

After years of hard work, I have one page! XD

Anyways, I'll be updating this comic every Monday and Friday.
Long Enough
Well, I think I've waited long enough to finally start this comic back up again.

To all my watchers who kept me on their list, thank you so much, I hope I don't disappoint you.

And to all the new watchers to come, I hope you enjoy this comic as much as I do when I create it.
Ohhh, this otta be good. Can't wait for the next page.
Justice is going down!

Show 'em whats for, James! Oh and Jesse and the rest too. XD
This comic keeps getting moer interesting and interesting with each page. I can't wait to see how James pulls himself outta this one.
Talk him down froma a thousand!? Wow...

I really love reading this comic. Simon's comments just make me giggle.
It hasn't been since Christmas since I've read Mokepon (no free time what so ever) and you've managed to make me laugh out loud on almost all the pages. You do such a wonderful job on entertaining us readers.

And I hope your back gets better soon. I know the feeling of slouching over your drawings for too long.
Fluffy No! Haha, he deserves it.
I love the detail the put into the chair.
I thought for sure Gaddiel would be dead, but I'm glad he's not. I love the piggy, so serious and cute. Great job on the shadows in the last panel.
I do love the cat and his swishy tail. And the way you draw her in the first panal is really cool, that sly look over her shoulder.
I like the bird nose guy already.:) And great job on the manor.
Oh no! Maybe it's just someone tryin to help Atty quit smoking.*crosses finger* Yea right.
Haha, no sympathy what so ever. I love her personality.
This is very well done comic, and I love the story so far. You know how to drag a reader in by presenting this mysterious Sekki. Can't wait to for the next pages.
And So the Maddness Begins!
What have I gotten myself into...

Anyways this is part of my existing story Clock Heart, I'm not goning to upload the existing part of story here (that's cheating!)
You can see the first part here

But don't worry you're not missing much if you don't read the first six pages.