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I just removed you,I never played with you!!111one~

Could have re-added me. D:
Kthnx Admiral Brobar,I lost all my mediocre skills so I will be remaking my intro and shiz
I er...would like to rejoin. D: I lost my computer but got a laptop,lost all the files related to my sprite then kind of gave up on this seeing and I dont got my semi good abilities anymore. I would like to re-enter dis,But you could add me on xbox. US Renegade,hit me up. :D
US Renegade...ADD MEH D;
Posting this comment srsly quick my PC is busted so.... D;
Oh I didnt notice that in second panel.
Bow chicka wow wow ;D
This is what happened
AAA Told me whatever the possessed people did while evil will be forgotten since evil AAA is gone now. So his dream date is ruined D;
I dont mind if your next just save us all D;
Aw. D; My grandad died about a few years back but I'm the sentimental type so...*flashback* *insert two weeks or crying here*
Well uhm the game is like LIVE online gaming...he was banned by now so.....D; DONT HURT MEH
Technically his father was Lucas...nicknamed tails cause..he had...tails...and was a wolf...thing....that....yeah.
Richard was the first born son of Tail's,Since he rebeled alot since childhood...Tails inplanted a security chip into Richard so he would know where Richard is and if Richard needed help. When Richard looked at hope the old memory in the chip turned on and identified her as an enemy,since it heard that Richard had to go throw up. All those drones just cause richard said he had to go throw up.
I played a game called BYOND for a few years and met someone names Omega...He was great at making custom's...Robots in specific. A few weeks back he gave these to me,though...someone on the game already ripped them and put them on a sprite website. I put these here to start that robot thing...I'm gonna say that...yeah...Ima post another comment with my bio.
I swear to god I will not be possesed,only if somehow Richard gets something in return cause I dont like the mindless drone idea.
I figured that Richard is probably lonely by now and would need one.
This is how.
He decided to jump and smacked into the ground so hard,he lost his only life and the program closed,knowing that he was organic the computer sent him back. Who knew all he had to do was die....