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New to comic making, but not new to story making! I've had many ideas for story/comics for a long time and have finally worked up the courage to start making these stories a reality.

Many will be sketchy and I hope to improve over time.

Instagram: @b.quill88
@Fastgirl01: Yes, you're very right. u.u
@whim: Yes! Her parrot is giving her kisses! I wrote "kis kis" Really small, mostly cause I didn't want to take away from the dialogue. I'm happy you noticed <3
@plasticwrap: I'm happy you are enjoying it so far! :D
Ahh noo, why must he be so violent ;^; and as always, take as much time as you need! Your mental health and overall wellbeing is what matters most :) we will all be here!
From my Infancy- Adolescence psychology class, Alida here would be described as the slow to warm up child. In her defense, a scarecrow is pretty, well, scary... especially one that has come to life. I've read so many comics where a child character was so innocent and happily befriends a monster/ stranger. There's nothing wrong with that, but I guess when I created Alida I just couldn't picture her accepting him right away. :/

Oh well, maybe one day.

Anyway, See you guys next week! Hope you have a wonderful Friday and weekend! :>


@Fastgirl01: Sorry! I didn't mean to make you more sad! XD
@Fastgirl01: The scarecrow is a determined little guy :) But, he's never been referred to as a 'that' before.
@whim: Yes, everyone has a story. u.u
(And thank you very much!)
My perfect record is broken! DX It's 30 minutes late!

I tried a different pen on clip studio paint, and I can't decide if I like it more or not. Hmm.
Ten more pages til the end of Chapter 2! The count down begins! :O

Alrighty, I'm heading to sleep now. Good night/morning everyone! Have a wonderful weekend! See you next week!


Instagram (I've been doing mermay :> )
@NDGOarts: Ahh, Thank you so much!! I'm happy you're enjoying the story so far! :)
@Seve: Oh I'm glad you like her!! I had been so excited to start drawing her and her daughter and including them in the story!

And thank you! It's nice to know taking a break would be responded to with patience. :)
@M-24: Me too! ;u;
@whim: I know, he's not a fan of seeing them upset. :X And Thank you!
It's frustrating when you don't know how to speak your mind...

Managed to finish the page on time! I was worried I wouldn't be able to, because I was feeling a little under the weather today and mostly stayed in bed. After a good rest and a yummy dinner (Also a very appreciated Matcha Green Tea Latte) I felt well enough to finish the page! :) Maybe not now, but very soon I may give myself a a mini break just to make sure I don't burn out. I'll let you guys know when, so no worries.

I'm going to try and sketch out my late submission to mermay now then head to sleep lol. See you all next week!


No worries, probably just the boogey man haha.... *sweats*
I wanna cry, it's such a scary situation, but I also feel he may never have to deal with his father's abuse ever again ;v; At least I hope so.
@AdvancedOtaku: Haha, yes sir/ma'am! I've been doing my best to do stretches and take breaks. Don't want it to ever become an issue. :>
@whim: Lol, she is fearless!
Cole is just a grump, don't mind him. Also I just noticed I made the scarecrow's cheeks a little too dark, but I'm a bit too tired to fix it.;;;

We're about half way done with Chapter 2!! Hurray!! I might have said this already, but initially I had Chapter 2 and 3 as one WHOLE chapter. It would have been 50 pages!! Lol, no way would I have made it without a break. (I would've died) For now I'm still going pretty strong, I've even been finding myself drawing more in less time, although my wrist has been a tiny bit stiff. Maybe one day I'll be able to post two pages a week from drawing a bajillion pages in a day! (ahahahaha *cries*)

Anyway, hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and weekend, and I'll see you next week! :) See you in May!

@whim: Yes! I'm so glad the body language was clear! So excited for the future, but next time I won't spoil it lol. ;)