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I know you posted this a long time ago but I just had to say this was literally done so amazingly! I literally caught myself clenching my shirt from how real this feels! XO
ahahahahaha! That's hilarious!! I wish my dog did that for me...
That last panel is just the sweetest thing! That hug looks so comfy and warm! X3 I love how you drew it! Have fun on your vacation!
Aaaaahhhhh!!! My happiness/excited level is beyond words!! XD I'm going to die~ oOo
Because because because!!!?? gosh darn cliff hangers!! DX
ohoho, what's brother going to say to this I wonder? :D
Yessss!!! So excited to see what you have in store for us! :D
It's too cute, I'm gonna die!! Snuggies!!! <3 (if that's what they're called :P)
Yes same for me! D: I cant get to your site. :c
"Gen i need to-!"
instant reflex SMACK! D:<
lolol, i totally cracked up. XD
OH MAI GOSH. Eila!! Live!! ;A;
Goodness! I've never heard of losing a cursor. O.o Thats hilarious!
Lol, people in my class love doing that too! QwQ