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New to comic making, but not new to story making! I've had many ideas for story/comics for a long time and have finally worked up the courage to start making these stories a reality.

Many will be sketchy and I hope to improve over time.

Instagram: @b.quill88
@ThistleFox: Life is ever busy! As I can imagine is the same for you! XD Hope you are well too!
@Kevin_Redcrow: Thank you so much for the feedback! It's really helpful! XD

Yeah, I have other responsibilities outside the comic (Although I wish I could write and draw all day lol), so it's nice to know people understand that :)

Also, I think you're right about Q&A, maybe I'll save it til after Chapter 3 instead :P
@Fastgirl01: Thank you so much for understanding! I'll definitely take it easy for now, but I won't lie i'm pretty excited to work on the next chapter myself lol!
@Follinette: Thank you so much! And I'm glad he isn't hated, thank you XD
I love her soooo much!! ;v; i still feel a little bad for her, but she's taking it like a boss and getting things done. 😎
Aaaaahh the end of Chapter 2!! We made it everyone!! Huzzah!! :'D

Sorry it has to end on such a bad note, but if you recall, Chapter 2 was originally going to be 50 pages long! I couldn't do that to myself, so I cut it in half for simplicity (and my sanity's) sake lol

So what happens next? Well, I'm going to now go on a 2 month break so that I have time to work on Chapter 3! I know 2 months is a long time, but after taking only one month last time and not feeling rested or ready, I figured I would take a little more time this time lol.

So Chapter 3 is planned to start posting September 13th! However! I have also been debating about opening a patreon where I could post work in progress (for those interested in comic process), and (depending how fast I draw) maybe even earlier comic page updates! Is this something you guys would be interested in? I dunno, It's been almost a year since I started the comic and I still feel like I'm new to all of this. XP I guess let me know what you guys think.

Also last thing, I've also debated about a Q&A however, since the story is still at the beginning i'm not sure if there are really that many questions you all have (and I know everyone hates Cole right now lol).

Next post will be a reminder of when Chapter 3 will begin, along with any information in case I decide to do the Q&A or Patreon. Until then, hope you guys have a wonderful Friday and weekend. ;)
Horrifically beautiful. Gonna leave the lights on tonight now. XD
@Fastgirl01: Thank you for the feedback! and yes, yes, too harsh. u.u
@deee45: Thank you! I'm glad the quality still looks good!
and i'm sorry. u.u
Sorry for the late update everyone! I just got home from my trip today and knocked out right away! It was my first time going on a road trip that was longer than an hour. (it was 5 whole hours of driving!)

I didn't bring my laptop and tablet with me, but! Someone close to me helped me pay for an ipad pro, which I am absolutely in love with! So, while I was on this trip, I decided to try to draw the entire page on just the ipad! The only thing not done there was the dialogue and a couple extra effect lines.

How do you think it looks? It's a bit messy, but after some practice maybe I'll be able to make it a little cleaner! Let me know what you think! If the change looks better this way, than I could probably draw out pages wayyy faster. Something to think about for Chapter 3!

Anyway, hope everyone is having a wonderful week/weekend and I'll see you next week for the last page to Chapter 2. :)

edit: Cole was missing the scratch on his cheek so I fixed it!
Thank you everyone for the patience and for those that gave well wishes! I got to sleep in for once and woke up feeling so much more refreshed than usual! It was nice. <3

Two more pages left til the end of Chapter 2! I'll see you guys next week. ;)
@Xabel Mind: I know, you're right. u.u I'm so close to the end of the Chapter though! Don't worry, once we're done, I'll definitely take a restful break! :)
@Gimmy_shimmy: So sweet of you to say thank you! c':
edit: Done! and Dying. TvT

3 more pages til the end of the Chapter. My eyes are on fire, good night to you all. <3

*whisper*See you next week*whisper*
Reminds me when I got my wisdom teeth taken out. Socializing just feels so much more tiresome when all you wanna do is sleep or have some quiet. But you also don't want to be rude... Poor Kylee XD
Oh no.


Page is done. It is the messiest and yet most detailed page(s) I've done. I'm strangely proud. :') Note to self. Do not procrastinate... especially when attempting a double page spread.

Good night.
@Stroops: Aww Thank you! :')
@Merrsharr: Hahahaha, unfortunately, it will be the complete opposite in this case! Sorry!
First update in June! Huzzah! Mermay kicked my butt.

I had a lot of trouble with Cole's face in the last panel. It wasn't hard to draw, but portraying the right expression had me redrawing it multiple times. My face also felt sore cause I tend to make the same expression while drawing expressions. I need to buy myself a mini mirror so I can use myself as reference. XD

There are 5 more pages til the end of the chapter! Are you guys ready for it?? Cause I am! :'D


@Kevin_Redcrow: Ahh Thank you! T~T