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New to comic making, but not new to story making! I've had many ideas for story/comics for a long time and have finally worked up the courage to start making these stories a reality.

Many will be sketchy and I hope to improve over time.

Instagram: @b.quill88
Ahhh, What a wonderful end to a chapter :')

Now time to prepare myself for the explosion of emotions I'll feel when shit hits the fan next chapter. :''')
@Kevin_Redcrow: Really like your way of thinking! Makes me excited to share more of the story!
@Stroops: Hahahaha, natural talent!
@Fastgirl01: Haha, don't worry, he's not trying to be mean, he's just an emotional weenie. :P
@Seve: Haha, I was leaning towards tapas, but only because it was the first comic website I read on outside of smackjeeves. I've been curious about the inking system and that's true that accessibility is convenient!

I think I will give it a try! Just gotta do a bit more research now lol Thanks for the feedback!
@Xabel Mind: Hm, that's a good point! I'll definitely take a look at the rules, but I think you're right anyway. I'm too shy to draw nakedness haha >///< .... the scarecrow is bare anyway so... XD
@deee45: I know! How dare he! >:O
Omg!! Hahaha, Wes is best director!!
Cole is a bit of a drama king :p

Barely got the page done on time! Phew! Spring break is going too quickly guysss :'(

In other news, we're almost to 400 fans! Wow there's so many of you! :o (Hello and howdy!) I was talking to a close friend of mine, and she was telling me that I should start thinking about posting on another comic hosting website like tapastic and/or webtoons. She specifically wants me on webtoons, lol but I thought this would be a nice chance to ask you guys for your opinion. :)

Where do you prefer to read comics: Webtoons or tapastic?
@Hawkflame: After a full night of trying he certainly was!
@Seve: I know, right?? I'm starting to believe buffers are a myth lol ;v; Let's both try our best!! And thank you! <3
@Xabel Mind: Omg yes!! XD
Take your time! we'll be here! :)
Hooooookay! Guess who ran out of buffer? Yours truly lol. I took a mini break from drawing, school was getting a bit hard on me mentally, but I'm getting back into the groove of things!

Spring Break is coming soon at least. Make sure to stay safe everyone! See you next week!

Instagram: @b.quill88
Yes, just stay positive. Everything will be okay ;^;
Hahaha Lex looks like a lion in the last panel! (Mufassaaaaa).

Also I cracked up with Dana's sassy, "Come see me for your "I told you!" I love it! XD
I'm trying to use more areas of black... I know I have a problem with greys. ;v;
@Hawkflame: Imagine!! If I could sew, I'd make him a beanie baby <3
@Seve: Someone asked about that recently! I'd say like a young teen, however it would change as the story continues. ;)
My heart swells with just happiness and joy <3 (also going to try and not think about the trouble on the horizon);;