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New to comic making, but not new to story making! I've had many ideas for story/comics for a long time and have finally worked up the courage to start making these stories a reality.

Many will be sketchy and I hope to improve over time.

Instagram: @b.quill88
@Fastgirl01: Lol, it's okay, the item itself is nothing too important specifically, but it was a little ceramic bowl filled with loose coins that was on this table. You can see it in Ch1 pg 18 and Ch2 pg 9 :)
Ahh the border collie has my heart 💕
Poor mom. :'(

I've still been hanging on to my inktober goal with my little short comic. Feeling so powerful hitting the 10 day mark so far! B>

Besides that, I've also been getting more pages done in hopes of having patreon even more ahead! Much thank you to all the support, by the way. Whether through patreon, or from your lovely comics and tips, it really inspires me to keep working hard. :')

I hope one day I can give you all double updates.

Anyway, enough ramble, have a wonderful Friday and weekend. <3

A bandaid for your thoughts?

Also, I didn't originally plan Alida to be compared to a therapist, but as I go over my script a few times, I'm always reminded how sensitive to emotions she is. Much like Cole when he was younger. <3 A lot of you are right, it's tough to mask things from kids.

In other news, Inktober has began! Huzzah, I wish you luck to all those participating!
I'm actually working on a comic short at the moment for inktober. It's a 35 page GL story about a human girl accidentally sent to an all-werewolves high school, and a red, freckled, she-werewolf who only wants to pass a stupid test.
You can check it out at the $1 tier on my patreon, (Just for this month) or if you want to see a sneak peak you can check out my instagram where I'll be posting 1 panel without dialogue every day.


Anyway, hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday and I'll see you next week! ;>
A doctor in the making. The question is... which type of doctor. u.u

@Kevin_Redcrow: Haha, I'm glad my crow look all right! Crows are so handsome/pretty!
Also yes! I made sure to look up if it was possible for them to have color mutations (so I could at least having something to separate 1 crow lol) and did find that there could be!

Also, low key I've actually been wanting to get back into reading a little more, so I'll look into that novel, thanks for the recommendation. :)
Personally what i find to be the most annoying is the fact they leave the empty box in fridge! Dont tempt me with something that isnt there! XD
I was so excited to be drawing Alida smiling and acting like a kid. Kids should just smile all the time. ;v;

By the way guess what! I made a patreon! I'm super excited to be able to accept help from those who've been asking me and be able to give back goodies as thanks! Right now, you can pledge $3 to be 8 pages ahead of the public!
I want to offer more but right now I'm not sure what people want to see;;;

I have a public poll there, so please please consider going over and putting a vote in for me, the feedback would be a real help!

With that said, I hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday and I'll see you next week! :)
@Fastgirl01: Yaay, me too! I'm so excited to finally share with you all! :'>
And so it begins!!
Hey everyone!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer! :D

Sorry it's not an update, but I had gotten a notification from my calendar reminding me that it's been about a year since I first started posting ALU on smackjeeves!! That's so crazy to me!

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who've been around since the beginning, and also anyone new to the story as well! Happy 1 year! May there be more years to come (But not too many cause I don't want it to take me too long to finish the story lolol)

See you in September for Chapter 3! ;)
@ThistleFox: Life is ever busy! As I can imagine is the same for you! XD Hope you are well too!
@Kevin_Redcrow: Thank you so much for the feedback! It's really helpful! XD

Yeah, I have other responsibilities outside the comic (Although I wish I could write and draw all day lol), so it's nice to know people understand that :)

Also, I think you're right about Q&A, maybe I'll save it til after Chapter 3 instead :P
@Fastgirl01: Thank you so much for understanding! I'll definitely take it easy for now, but I won't lie i'm pretty excited to work on the next chapter myself lol!
@Follinette: Thank you so much! And I'm glad he isn't hated, thank you XD
I love her soooo much!! ;v; i still feel a little bad for her, but she's taking it like a boss and getting things done. 😎
Aaaaahh the end of Chapter 2!! We made it everyone!! Huzzah!! :'D

Sorry it has to end on such a bad note, but if you recall, Chapter 2 was originally going to be 50 pages long! I couldn't do that to myself, so I cut it in half for simplicity (and my sanity's) sake lol

So what happens next? Well, I'm going to now go on a 2 month break so that I have time to work on Chapter 3! I know 2 months is a long time, but after taking only one month last time and not feeling rested or ready, I figured I would take a little more time this time lol.

So Chapter 3 is planned to start posting September 13th! However! I have also been debating about opening a patreon where I could post work in progress (for those interested in comic process), and (depending how fast I draw) maybe even earlier comic page updates! Is this something you guys would be interested in? I dunno, It's been almost a year since I started the comic and I still feel like I'm new to all of this. XP I guess let me know what you guys think.

Also last thing, I've also debated about a Q&A however, since the story is still at the beginning i'm not sure if there are really that many questions you all have (and I know everyone hates Cole right now lol).

Next post will be a reminder of when Chapter 3 will begin, along with any information in case I decide to do the Q&A or Patreon. Until then, hope you guys have a wonderful Friday and weekend. ;)
Horrifically beautiful. Gonna leave the lights on tonight now. XD
@Fastgirl01: Thank you for the feedback! and yes, yes, too harsh. u.u
@deee45: Thank you! I'm glad the quality still looks good!
and i'm sorry. u.u