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Axe of Annihilation
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> Say "But the only correct answer is to set fire to things!"
I did say 'LIKE a sonic boom', did I not? It was for purposes of explanation. Still, I should have noted that.

And I am a male, therefore I am a colt, not a filly, thank you very much, even if that is inconvenient for rhyme.
Now, now, people. You are all using your own personal preferences to decide this. Think logically, and consider all the facts.

Sonic the Hedgehog (who I debate is inspired by the Flash) has only been stated to run at Mach 1 normally. Super Sonic, it seems, can outrun a black hole. But that's power augmentation, so it doesn't count.

Rainbow Dash, if she can cause something like a sonic boom, that means she can break the sound barrier as well. Therefore, her speed is similar to Sonic's.

As for the Flash, one must raise a question on that matter. Which one? Wally West? Barry Allen? Bart Allen? Each had different capabilities, but let us assume, due to the personality displayed, Wally West. If so, than there is little contest. Wally West can not only go past the speed of light, but can travel through time, enter other dimensions, and even into the source of his power, the Speed Force. In effect, yes, he has an unfair advantage, as he has absolutely no limit to his speed.
Nin: Start guessing at DnD/d20 classes for everyone in the party.

Also, do mega4125's stuff.
Only now do I realize the similarity between Maximillion Sansequal and Lex Luthor.

Ooh, ooh, is he going to have a Superman as well?
Command: Nii: Since Shabky is technically a business man, attempt to convince him to join your party by saying that he could use the Platinan alliance as a publicity stunt. After this, say 'Nii' with a high pitched voice.
Yay! Two in a row!
Well, it seems that giving up on JLG worked. However, I'm not keeping my hopes up. Don't expect this to become normal. If, by sheer chance, it does, I'll eat my hat.
We now return you to Enker and X, already in progress.
Y'know, I thought I could handle two comics at once. Maybe the updates would be slow, maybe one would rest for a couple of months then get a comic. However, this will not be so.

Some force beyond my control seems to hate my making of these comics. I constantly give it the middle finger, but that does nothing. As such, I must make a choice. Which comic do I sacrifice?

After much thought, I chose to end JLG. Why? The main reason is that people seem to enjoy EnX more than JLG (I'm not proud of the name, either). Another contributor is that I worked too hard on JLG, and I got burnout after ten comics. I no longer enjoy making it. I did like the ideas I took with it, but I can't do it anymore.

So, this means that I'm focusing on EnX. Maybe, one day, I'll return to JLG. Maybe not. But I will remember my effort with it, and enjoy what good I did be proud of the effort I put into it.

As such, enjoy the latest rendition of Enker and X.
Blaziken, I will mount your head on my fireplace mantle.
I did not 'bet'. I guessed. There is a difference.
Who thinks he's going to be a tricky bastard and change Dr. Cossack's name to Dr. Freeman?
@Koren: It was more of a matter that I didn't have access to several sprites I believed I needed...then something occured to me a day ago. 'What if I did a time skip?' As such, we're here. In all honesty, I feel like a moron for not thinking of it sooner.
After nearly a year of hiatus, of beating myself up, of regretting putting this on hiatus, EnX is back. And I'm gonna make damn sure it stays that way.

So, enjoy the comic, folks, because it's back.
Ah, good 'ol Clark Kenting. It isn't uncommon in fiction that when a small change occurs in a person appearance, it's like they've completely changed.
@Shade_the_Hedgehog_2009: Thanks for the favorite, man. Means a lot to know another person likes this.
@GMC: It's her coughing up blood.

@Apple: Thanks. Took a little bit to get it JUST right.
$&#**^% $&#* @^*%$&#* %(##!&&*%.

I sincerely appologise, AGAIN, for the the lateness. However, as SOMETHING SIMILAR TO compensation I give you this:

Hope you enjoy the comic and like the 'cover'. Said cover is me practicing such things, since, chances are, I'll end up doing them a lot.