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I like making sprites comics

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Strife Zamio
Eclispe Sonicballxz

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ohkay if so can my character be in da comic
aye will their be guest apperancess in the comics like other ppl sprites
man this way better but i been away for awhile dealing skool and now i'n in college and i my comics makin skills suck... but i'm back and gonna make comics again in free but man this i way better tho i want my skill 2 be up
lmao snake ready 2 whup some ass
happy birthday bro
nice and plus i'm back finna start makin comic next week
Todays my b-day and i was lazy makin this comic
Yea i know their recolors but I already made them in their clothes and change a few things up so yeah. and now i'm using numbers for the comic.
lol thats messed up abdie
my brody zamio is back a man wat have u been up 2 lately
Its sonic fan
This guy is tough and who is this help thats coming to help in this fight.

P.s. Zone and Spik pm i need 2 talk 2 u 2
Knuckles Knuckles thats all I can say
well justice killer back with his random comics oh and everyone check out my new comic i'm workin on
Finally an update sorri everyone i been busy with learnin how 2 use and gimp but now i'm back.

p.s. i give credit 2 nousherwan and FlareTh for letting me use their sprites in this comic.
like father like son
damn thats got to hurt
wat the hell evil vampire (runs away from)