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Cor is a furry
@pre commenters: as far as I understood the people really "are" the same person as in their past lives, like they have the same morals, believes and stuff and Ushala is only an exception bc she doesn't remember her past life fully /she didn't remember it early enough for her to be "taken over" by her past life and developed a personality of her own. people in this world usually don't do that/don't need to do that bc they just reuse their past personality, but Ushala didn't have access to hers, but they don't seem to understand this.
March 24th, 2012
I love Dakota's face in the second to last panel <3 The backrounds and overall the whole coloring are magnificent, I like how painterly they look, how the blues of the backround reflect on Dakota and the deer and how far away trees blend in the sky

But a tiny thing bugs me: it's the last panel. I think it would look better, if Dakotas head would be a bit bigger, but yeah that's just my opinion, keep up with this beatiful comic :)
January 24th, 2012
@ROFLMAO: ok, makes sense now xD
January 23rd, 2012
If he is done with this whole thing with Hoshi, why does Kyandi dye his hair back to black?

I mean he had the same hair back when everything was fine. It would be more logical to me if he dyed and cut his hare in a whole different way to show others and himself, that he started a different, a new chapter in his life.
sorry for beeing a grammar nazi, but the sentence in the first panel makes no sense

It should be either
"Entschuldigen Sie, Herr Schweitzer...?"
"Entschuldigung, Herr Schweitzer...?"

in this case, my second suggestion would be better

I like your comic so far, the story seems interesting and the art is very pretty, I like your style with this fancy eyelashes xD
god I almost cried ;____; and that's why I never could do this challenge I'm just to weak. I always give all my pokemon names and grow attached to them though they're just pixels. I could never imagine anyone of them dead.


But yeah, your comic was very entertainig, emotional, serious but had it's funny momets, too. Keep up with the good work!
hacha I see myself in stein right now xD

beautiful page as always, james' angry faces are so funny 8D
oh jesus this two boys just look alike two of my classmates and show the same bahavior, this is scary ô_____ô
oh god in northern germany it's not even close to spring it's so cold here and it rains all day D:
today was the first day it didn't rain or snow in like two months, but it's still very cold and windy :I

whatever this page is beautiful as always, i just love the way you draw eyes and how you color/tone(?) <3
wooo it's so nice to see so quick updates <3
pooooor sunny he's not used to alcohol

and the "figa" brought back bad memories from my childhood, my mom was showing it to me all the time, when I wanted something >:C
December 30th, 2009
is it bridget, brigitte or brandon? D:
it was such a nice surprise when I saw this <3
I loled at this page xD

You're genius an oomph rocks^^
I just understand the "who.." but then..... :I