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Hi Hi XD I love manga and cute things X3
I'm a manga eater >:D I tend to dissapear, so it's hard to know when I'm still accessing something ...¬¬
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Gosh! Kae is breaking my heart... "S close, yet so far".... "I lost him"... And that jerk (sorry I know he has lost his memories and all, but.. ARGH!!)"Lost?! Is he dead?!"
Kae has to carry all by himself...
And here I'm nearly crying while writing this comment.
LOL that's a good mother *sarcasm*
P.S.: Niya's sexy XD
Oh oh mom...
I don't think mother said the right thing at the end... I'm getting a little scared just to think about what might happen *shivers*
NOOOOO!!! There's no NEXT BUTTON T.T I need it!!! And I don't know how I'd never read this comic at all... IT'S AMAZING!!!
WHO'S HE?!!!!!!!!!!!!11
Hum... I guess your age is 16, since the chances of you being in High School is kind of high... And (at least in my country) everyone says that high school works you to death, so... hell yeah I'm so looking forward to college ¬¬'
I don't know id I have ever commented on this web comic but... I love it ^///^ (sorry I'm quite the occult(?) reader LOL)
Ok... Now I HAVE TO comment. First of all love your snow white * droll* >///< His eyes in the second panel made me in trance.
I've already started school since one week T.T teasure your last days of vacation XD

And about the story itself... Finally, what the heck is Matt up to?!!!
@eternalxs now I would think the same thing, like at first I would think he was trying to pick a fight, and when he mentions magic I would ask him if he had take his medicine proprely.
Oh my! Oh my! This gonna be a mess!! I don't know who is gonna to be in more trouble Alex or Mika >.<"
Poor worker "Oh kami, there's more...?" LOL
LOL list of reason XD kkkkkkk And chibi Mika was everything!!! shaush Bet Alex won't go straight home? (sorry Mika, but your lecture will have to wait until he gets back with Matt T.T)
Agreed with the formula XD
The transformation is amazing!!!!!! Like OMG!!! i'm loving it so far XD I wanna see when he will find little human >///< hehehe
Stupid Alex!!!!
I know what Matt said is not truly true (you can't believe him anymore dear, I wouldn't)! And d@manit you love mika silly boy!! Only you two together will do! So just kick Matt ass and go back to Mika (for our own good XD)

P.S.: Moments like this make me feel like crying T.T
*dies laughing* sorry, but her reaction is sooooo funny >.<
She looks beautiful in that dress ^-^
*wipe tears* d4mn you Matt! TO break an innocence children heart! In the future you'll never get married or have a descente relationship again, and you'll be not the one betraying, but the one being betrayed! *still wiping tears*
he's nice *-*