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Likes: Anime, manga, Horror books and movies, poetry, cooking, drawing.
Dislikes: noisy people, british food (lol)
Fav. Movies: Tim burton's movies (since i'm 6 XD), Aladdin, UP, Psicosis, IT, The road to el dorado, Chocolate, a place called Nothing Hill, Love actually, Hooligan, Sky High ( I know that movie sucks... but i love Warren Peace too much n_nU), 9, and a big ETC.
Fav. Books: Agatha Christine's books, Anne Rice'books, IT, Skeleton Crew, Alice in Wonderland ( is so creepy XD), Nocturna, Une saison en enfern et autres poèms,ETC.
Fav. Anime: Cowboy bebop, Petshop of the horrors, Hell girl, Ouran High school host club, Hetalia (I'm so sorry ;o; is so funny to me), Midori no hibi, Wolf's Rain,Gravitation, Junjou Romantica, ETC.
Fav. Manga: Koukou Debut, Junjou Romantica, Ouran High School host club, Gravitation, ETC.
Fav. Food: MEXICAN FOOD òwó (italian is good too XD)
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@coloradogirl86: He is an offering... not too long.
October 29th, 2012
what? nonononono, i need more!
July 18th, 2012
haha people got ofended? really? I don't know why, is kinda hilarious and NOBODY expected that XD is awsome! I only said she was ugly because of the "faces" she was doing,not really lady like lol.
July 15th, 2012
well... that is a ugly girl XD
Wait... What?... WHAT? What kind of hate is THAT?
i only say: i Really hope to see this in the comic as canon.
February 12th, 2012
ah... somehow... i'm no surprised XD
jeez... Kennet is my man-self... i'm so ashamed of me right now.
i'm agreed with RadicalTrain... he is not cute at all to me ¬¬ spoiled brat.
he is a priest... a catholic one, OF COURSE HE CAN'T DO THAT you naive kiddo XD just kidding. Wondering what's the good reason about.
ooh, this is becoming insteresting.
nah, elfinal estuvo bien... bastante abierto pero bueno.
la verdad, el segundo y el ultimo son bastantes tentadores. Hohohoho, creo que el peor temor de un padre es tener un hijo feo... o vago.
... Que?... XD... pues la verdad yo pienso que terminaran realizando el plan de Melody... y seran felices todo el tiempo que puedan lol.
Lastima que se termino °^°. pero espero ver más proyectos tuyos!!
ewan creeps me out... really °^°
But.. if i put it outside... i really love everything >w<
awww i love how it looks!!
just a little question... if you sell it online, it would be local or international? because, i'm from México and i really really want to buy it ;o;
ay, malevolo Liam <3
Yo... sólo espero que no mates a la amargada suegra.
Dawww, siempre quise que estos dos terminaran juntos >w<... aunque ya me imagino como reacciono la linda suegra hohohoho.
Lo sabía!! esas expresiones eran demasiado fingidas.
mmm... this smells like jealous