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Kohaku Inui
I'm just your average otaku, nothing special about me ^_^u

Currently working with iAttackMentally on a Alice in Wonderland-themed comic

I has a gaiaonline account! Kohaku Inui! Go look there for any more info about me xD
Omigosh is the kiss coming?!

This has to be one of the cutest comics ever <3

Kidding. I hate Bob. Um, how about Tony, Al, Danny (I luv Danny xD), or James?
Jack.....When I look at him, I think of Jack Sparrow. xD
I want that crab.....Lol, well, have fun in Miami, and please don't die on the plane!
Omigosh....Jack is SO cute! Man, I'd have the entire planet under my control if I could make a face like that.....
I've done the whole Say-It's-A-Naked-Pic-When-It's-A-Fat-Chick thing.....So much fun hearing their screams....
This looks SO bad ass!

Yay, I'm the first fan. <3
No Desta, dirty thoughts are good >:D (Says the pervert xD)
*Starts singing* I'm so excited....And I just can't hide it.... *Explodes*


Lolz, sorry for all caps. Happy birthday!
Yay update! I'd play Ace Attorney if I could, too bad there isn't a PC game for it.... *Thinks how awesome a AA game would be for the PC*
I think Desta's gonna say yes. I mean, look at that lil smile! He says he's going to think about whether or not he's gonna go out with David, but he's actually thinking about what kind of wedding dress he wants to wear at he and David's wedding, I just KNOW it! :D
Okay Desta, now it's your turn to say that you luv David back :3
This was my favorite picture, I lmao'd when I saw it xD

Can't wait for the next fairy tale! <3
Aaaaawwwwwww, how cute! It's a shame it's over, but it was awesome. :3
That...Fat....Popo....Bastard! *Bitch slaps popo*
*Jumps up and down, waiting for next page*
I don't think you should redraw, unless you really want to. Screw what over people say!