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I love the way you draw your backgrounds. It really gives the comic a great atmosphere!
Memories <3
Really loved getting to read through the summary of what might have been, and was really impressed with how your art style has improved! I've got a lot of nostalgia for this comic and I'm sad to see it gone forever, but I appreciate you closing it out like this. Not all discontinued comics get a storyline summary at the end!
Reading this comic has been a great, long adventure. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. I loved every page!
Not necessarily relevant to the page, but! I've been following your comic for a loooooong time and it's so cool to see how your art style has changed and improved over the years. I love how these pages are turning out!
I just got this image of Dake forever having a scar shaped like a penis burnt into his hand...
Reminds me of a conversation I've had with my boyfriend. You know a story is good when it makes you think of real life!

Love this page, can't wait to see more <3
Hahaha, I adore Jacob's expression on this page.
So considerate, guys
Ah, this page reminds me of me and my boyfriend. XD It made me laugh.
Yay Four Years!
I've been following this comic since you were posting updates on TheOtaku. :) I'm so happy that you kept writing it--this story and these characters are some of my favorites. Thanks for being such a wonderful artist, here's to four more years of comics!
So Late, but still
Just ordered the christmas comic and volume 3. XD Finally back from vacation and able to get things shipped to me!
Third panel. <3
'nuff said.
Haha, I made it this time before they got sold out. XD
If you're looking for update-y things...I know that facebook is the only thing that I really check, other than deviantArt. Don't know if that helps. XD
That wicked. O__o
Woo, update!
I was *wondering* if that was going to transformation scene a page back, by the way. =D
Just found this comic...
I'm hooked.
:D Can't wait to see how this plot develops.
Ah, even having seen the differently colored page, I think I prefer your style. I just like it better, what can I say? :D
Oh, and my addition to the general group message---Finally!! XD