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Mystic bird Meru
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    chuck norris
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I like it! its awesomeness
Atty looks so kawaii in pannel 4
Charmanders have been reduced to exterminators.... or is that a promotion?
Mystic bird Meru
December 23rd, 2009
HE LIED! >=(, nobody can forget... Maria =3
now just a banana..

ring ring ring ring ring ring ring- BANANA PHONE!
I think the idea is good, but the C&P and the coloring can use some work to match.
ooh fancy spy, for some reason i love the shading on you sprites =P
Im gonna try to procrastinate so i dont have to update >_> <_<
Yeah they are.
yay, meru the priest bird thats horde... theres so few of the horde... i think... i dont know.
ok meep god, we will. we'll forget everything once i take over! >=3 MUAHAHAHAH!
so... is bird-kind official? *shot*
is this an official race yet?
If I was deemed worthy, i would be a healer ;_;
I made this entirally out of I have never done that before. I think I put the most effort into this comic, iven though its crappy. Who do YOU think will win?
lol, I wish PoC deemed me worthy, but he hates me. he said so himself... because I slept with him. *shot*
Gaia you looking dog.

or should i say cat?
I made alot, and yet, I cant do my own sprites.